Monday, August 8

Sibling Summer

When I woke up this morning. Usually they're sprawled around the room separately wrapped in their own blankets but today they were snuggled together watching cartoons.

After school got out at the end of June and we took our trip to Provence the following week, I feel like July whizzed by in a blur of appointments and running errands with a few play dates. Then nesting hit me with something fierce. Point is, I haven't arranged many outings or play dates for the kids this summer, just let them be. Does anyone else feel like the busy-ness of the school year steals time away from their kids' friendships with each other? I do. Easton would enter the van each day after school worn out and wanting some solitude while McKay and Morgan vied for his attention.

Our recent weeks seem to float by in a blur of the kids playing board games, building Snap Circuits, helping with and learning new chores, dressing up in costumes for make believe, watching movies, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline (heavenly!), visiting the library and so forth. It hasn't been very warm this summer so we've only been to the pool twice! In Virginia, the boys were so little and we were at the pool at least 2-3 times per week for my sanity to break up the day. But this summer has been different.

It's a golden time. The kids are still so young and close enough in age to be good playmates. Innocent. I often feel like I'm clinging to it. As they snuggled on their dad's "man chair" this morning, I saw Easton turn his head and give Morgan a kiss on the cheek just because. A few minutes later she nuzzled him and he gave her a hug. I'm holding on to those moments this summer.

Not to worry, they're normal. Two hours later and every other minute someone is screaming, fighting, or whining for something to eat. Hello real life, so nice of you to drop by.

Soon the baby will arrive, my mom will be here to help for a couple weeks and then school and soccer will start. For now, we'll just soak up what we have like last night. We played Ticket to Ride a couple times with the boys and snacked on brownies and popcorn until 10pm because we could. I sure love my little life and the people I get to share it with!