Thursday, August 25

Jake's Debut!

Jakob Reid Carter

August 14, 2011 at 23:07

3100g or 6lbs 13oz

50cm or 19.7 inches

Boblingen Hospital, Stuttgart Germany

Here's the short version of his arrival:

My water broke at home for once, as if trying to give Jake a hint that it was time to move on. But he was pretty content where he was. For the next 16 hours, my contractions weren’t strong, regular, or showing progress and he refused to drop into position. He finally made his debut 21 hours later with the help of oxytocin and a "walking epidural" that for all intents and purposes did no good in my book.

All in all, our foray into the German hospital system was a success and we were pleased with our experience.

He is simply perfect – the calmest, sweetest little guy! There aren't enough hours in the day for him to get all the adoring attention each person in our family has to give!

I apologize that my brain, our life since coming home from the hospital, and computer issues have conspired against me giving updates since Jake was born. Once school gets underway and my mom has to return home, I'll share more. Promise!