Sunday, September 11

A decade later

Ten years ago today I felt great fear for the future. The chaos of the Pentagon metro station and parking lot was set against dark black smoke billowing from the opposite side of our nation's military nerve center. And then I watched the Twin Towers fall in a nearby apartment building lobby with strangers while military clad leaders used the elevators to scope out the damages from the roof. My roommate and I were glued to news coverage the rest of the day once I was able to get home many hours later.

Ten years have now passed. I now live in Germany. I am married to a kind, funny, smart hardworking man that I love. I am the mother of four beautiful children. I know my Heavenly Father and Savior love me and have a plan for my happiness.

As I sat in Sacrament meeting this morning, Ryan and I exchanged adoring grins as Easton held Jake in a cozy snuggle, brushing his chin and cheek against Jake's soft head.

This life is such a gift. In that moment I was so grateful I've had these ten years.

I needed to be reminded of that today. Attempting to balance sleep deprivation, mothering, housework, meals, dental issues, social retardation and life in general have had me in serious survival mode. It hasn't been pretty much of the time.

Tonight we got out my copy of the September 12, 2001 Washington Post. We talked with the boys about what happened. It seemed like something out of a movie to them. Bad guys and good guys. It's just that simple, right?

Then we did our family scripture reading. The boys checked it off on their charts, mindful they're one day closer to that gigantic Rittersport chocolate bar prize in Primary. We did our eeny-meeny-miney-moe routine to choose who says family prayer and McKay got it. It was followed by personal prayers, I love yous, and the kids climbing on Ryan's back to be dumped either on the couch or bed while I was nursing Jake.

This is my life today ten years later. Beautiful moments. Unbelievably hard moments. They all pass and are often forgotten. Today I remember and am grateful for the treasures I have been given.

August 31, 2011 - A big day!
Me and Ryan's 9th wedding anniversary.
First day of school for the boys.
Mom's last day as my extra set of hands.