Thursday, August 4

Nesting Validation

The past few weeks have seen our house in various levels of chaotic upheaval while I am nesting. As I uploaded pictures of Easton's teeth tonight and saw the past couple weeks' worth of pictures and videos, I was part horrified and part validated. Horrified at the state the house was immortalized in and validated because it's been largely remedied. Phew!

I've been on a mission to rearrange each room to suite our growing family in this little three bedroom apartment in the land of no closets. Ryan did his part by keeping his eye on the yard sale site, getting us some great deals on pieces that worked better for our spaces, and hefting or assembling as my need arose. Poor guy! It always took me a few days to figure out the arrangement I wanted so he was always on call. And the kids? They've had to patiently endure being cooped up with a distracted mom who is ever grateful for that trampoline saving her sanity and theirs! We finally got some sun this week so they could turn on a sprinkler and bounce away.

But back to the video evidence - it's real and not pretty! There's one of McKay after a bath in his underwear and red cape running the length of the apartment to show us how his cape flies behind him because he's so fast. Morgan had to join in on that one, of course. Or the boys flying their paper airplanes around the living room. But there was odd stuff in their way the entire time. You can imagine how those real nice sweeps of the entire apartment in all it's disheveled glory distracted me to the core as I watched! A desk or wardrobe in the hallway obstructing either the bathroom or the laundry room; a dresser or two on the patio waiting to be carted off or painted; a couple large book cases in the entry awaiting final resting places; a stack of papers awaiting action or filing; and always two to four loads of laundry on or near the couch waiting for me to sit down that evening to fold.

Most days I've exhausted myself puttering around finding large and small places for all our things or getting rid of them. It's felt good to be reminded of our progress tonight, but Martha Stewart or any design star won't come knocking on my door any time soon!