Thursday, August 4


Easton's dangling tooth and it's neighbor finally let go tonight! They've been torturing Ryan for months now - yes, I said RYAN! Just about every day Ryan would ask Easton if he could pull the dangler and it would end in either Easton's quick retreat or a holler of fear as Ryan would wiggle it for him.

The neighbor, not the dangler, came out first. Somehow knocked free as Easton and McKay were bouncing on the trampoline. He doesn't know how it came out, just that it did!

Hey you Guys!

Just kidding, but the gaps on either side of the dangler just did me in! Couldn't pass up the Goonies reference!

Ryan and I kept trying to convince him to let dad pull the dangler but Easton was too scared of it hurting. Then I saw him in Morgan's room throwing a stuffed bear over and over. When I asked what he was doing (because I thought he was trying to hit the ceiling fan and really make the bear fly), he said he was hitting himself with the bear to knock the tooth out. Morgan knocked one of his teeth out before this way on accident. Apparently hitting himself was preferred to dad's method.

After a search in vain for string while I got dinner on the table and much cajoling, Easton let Ryan "wiggle" the dangler once more. Out came the dangler!

So how much does the tooth fairy pay these days? I laughed out loud at Ryan's suggestion because it was over the top. But now I feel cheap and deflated. Oh what to do?!