Sunday, July 24

Our week in review

This week went by in such a blur! We had outings or errands to run each day and since I'm such a happy home body, it wore me out and I had to take an afternoon nap twice just to survive! I should haul this aching body to bed after all the nesting I've done this weekend, but I didn't want to forget . . .

Morgan was moved out of the crib today. She'll be three in October, so it's quite overdue but just in time! She was so excited and asked me to get her b'anky and read her a book in her bed. She never got up once tonight! Phew! I haven't been in a hurry to move her out of the crib because she never tried to get out and it'd been pretty nice to have her trapped in there sometimes. In the mornings she'd just hollered for Easton to get her out unless she heard me or Ryan up. Same for her breakfast. It was a beautiful thing while it lasted but I'm excited for all her latest big girl-ness!

Ryan got the boys an electronic money version of Monopoly this weekend and they can't get enough of it! I think they played non-stop yesterday for at least 5 or more hours a break for dinner and then back at it for the evening! We're having quite the cold and rainy snap lately so they haven't been as eager to head out to the trampoline. Easton loves being the banker and managing the game which is fun to see him working those skills. McKay seems to have a pretty good grasp of how the game works and both boys quickly got the hang of Ryan's explanations of making good property trades. It's a bit surreal to hear them talking about having 7.2 million dollars and buying up properties. Every time I hear the electronic transaction going on it sounds like they're playing with my printer and I have to resist the urge to get upset. Where's the volume button?!

McKay's best buddy, Evan, had to have his appendix out last Monday so I took the kids to the hospital to see him and play board games. Before the hour was out, McKay and Evan were up to their usual mischief and Easton was in tears. They'd tried to lock him out of the children's wing. The two are both second born boys and take pleasure in uniting against a bigger foe. Easton's a sensitive soul, poor guy!

We went to a ward cub scout camp fundraiser on Friday night. A friend of mine was in charge of it all and it turned out really great, especially since it was the only bit of sunshine we'd seen in days. Prayers were answered because the minute the closing prayer was said, drops began to fall! We were fed hot dogs, chili, chips and drinks followed by a range of Minute-to-Win-it and classic picnic games -- like the 3 legged race where McKay and Ryan discovered they're not such a good matchup. McKay was eager until the second step taken and the pain/fear set it. Ryan's excitement and the crowd taking off had him mistake McKay's tearful cries for happy laughing. Poor kid probably won't ever want to try that one again! The evening ended with roasting marshmallows and making s'mores! It's been so long since I've had one with campfires being against the law in Germany . . . unless you're on US property like this camp training area we were in! Ryan got a kick out of swapping stories with a ward guy he works with about who's got the deepest pioneer roots. There was such a good turnout and it was great fun to chat with old and new friends in the ward as well as Easton's best friend from school's family joining us too. A third of our ward congregation changes over each summer as military families on three year assignments arrive or depart. We're losing and receiving some great families!

Easton and McKay were chatting tonight over more Monopoly and Easton said that Dad was older than Mom because he was tallest. McKay concurred but then the boys got curious and asked if me if I would/could grow taller than Dad still. They were a little surprised that we were done growing taller but were pleased to hear their own chances were still good for quite some time. They're both very eager to be taller than Dad some day!

Morgan has taken to calling her brothers, "my boys." It's pretty darn cute - especially when she is excited to have put on a dress, twirls around happily and then announces, "I go show my boys! . . . See me boys?!" Everything is possessive -- her toys, her friends "my 'ydia (Lydia)," "my 'avney (Davney)" and so on. It's so fun to have a little girl and she's losing her baby roundness and stretching out. Ryan and I just love this age she's in . . . except for the screaming when she's not getting her way. Yikes! Quite the bossy Bessie!

Ever seen or heard of the Food Nanny? I've watched a couple of her episodes online and really like her meal planning idea of assigning days of the week themes - Italian night, Mexican night, soup night and so on - sounds like it could help get more participation in the discussion of what should be on the menu which I often draw a blank on. I haven't assigned my days yet, but it's swirling in my brain. We recently got a low pressure cooker (for faster prep/cook time) and a juicer which seem to be a big hit. As for the juicer, the kids really liked the initial attempt of apple, carrot, celery combo that I made into a smoothy with a banana. With my discovery of a bakery nearby that bakes delicious fresh baguettes for dinner time, I might just have a new favorite theme to rotate into the dinner repertoire - juice and bread night! That is, if I can keep myself from inhaling the baguette before we sit down to eat! Guess I'll have to buy more than one to be on the safe side.

Ryan's little '95 BMW commuting car is ready to give up the ghost. He's only had it a year and he estimates the dumb thing has probably cost at least $300/month to own with all the little things failing and adding up. So he's on the hunt and having fun dreaming of some of the fun rides he's seen advertised by owners on our local version of craigslist.

I was a blubbering mess today at church - totally hormonal and blessed to feel the Holy Ghost so strongly. Our youth got back from the first international EFY held this past week and shared some of their experiences. 27 languages were represented and I was so happy they had this opportunity! While English was the dominant language group represented, our youth had many chances to be humbled by the strength of their peers in countries where they or their families are the only members in their city or country even. The speakers also addressed the themes of living a Christ-centered life and it being Pioneer Day in the church. The adult speaker spoke of his mother who was the first member of the church in his family and how she wasn't perfect, but left a legacy of being willing to always start again on the fundamentals of a gospel-centered life. I was teaching about Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper so the sacrament hymn "I Stand All Amazed" got me right off the bat. Darn pregnant post-nasal drip, I was a mess! I loved sharing my testimony with my class and am always grateful for the opportunity -- I soooo need the practice and love seeing the potential of these young ladies!

We've been moving furniture around between rooms this weekend getting ready for the baby and I've now sorted through every box of kids' clothing we own and gotten the baby stuff out and washed. He can come anytime now since he's got a place to sleep and clean clothes to wear. It's so exciting to see all those teeny tiny baby socks and imagine favorite outfits being filled soon!