Saturday, February 5

How's dinner in your parts?

Does {or has} dinner time at your house ever felt like there was a herd of dinosaurs migrating through your house? Usually toward the kitchen only to be redirected?

And that poor guy being trampled on the right, I'm sure he never saw it coming. That would be any visitor to our home during this special time of day - we seem to have cut way back to nothin' in this area of our lives. I have no idea why.

Where's the lady of the house? I'm guessing she's still in the kitchen whipping up dinner because the table isn't set yet and not a crumb to be nibbled {unless you get on the floor}. But she's not in the kitchen if you look closely on the right. Perhaps she's stepped outside for a breather, a self-imposed moment of sanity to gain perspective that this moment too shall pass.

I saw this and after getting a good chuckle thought, "I'm raising my daughter with realistic expectations!" Just keepin' it real! Besides, Morgan seems to do all her grazing before an actual meal so dinner at the table probably just seems like social family gathering that ends in her tantrum to be let down without a bite eaten!

And Morgan's face? Perhaps deep down she's surprised I caught her moment of honesty. Perhaps she's telling me I haven't seen anything yet? She does love to be the life of the party!