Tuesday, February 1

Light 'em up!

McKay has been begging for light 'em up sneakers for at least five months now.
His dreams came true today! They finally had his size!

Those silly shoes aren't my fave, but to see my little guy light up over them was classic!

As a side note on the topic of shoes, I would like to state for the record how insane the number of shoes Easton has is to me! And he's always doing that pesky growing thing kids do! And I thought pants were the hardest to keep boys in!

These three pairs must stay at his school:
- rain boots
- house shoes for indoors
- PE shoes

These pairs are at home:
- snow boots
- everyday wear shoes
- basketball shoes / church shoes
- summer church sandals (because I'd love to declare a sock free laundry existence if I could)
- summer romping sandals

I ruled out one pair by getting Easton plain black sneakers which double as his church shoes because I just couldn't handle another pair for him! And poor McKay was along for all these shopping trips and just couldn't understand why Easton got so many and he didn't. But the only kind he wanted were the light up shoes and they never seemed to have his size. And he was crushed, a heap of tears every time. Fun times for me, but now all is right in McKay's world and I'm a happy mommy!