Saturday, February 5

Snow Cousins!

McKay has been dying to try skiing since Easton was able to a couple years back and now his school friend are also skiing. We recently met up with our Munich Carter cousins for a ski weekend.

When I took the kids to the ski shop for equipment rentals, McKay was all over it! He watched every part of the operation, especially as they worked the bindings to fit the ski boots onto the skis. When he got his helmet, I had a hard time getting him to take it off the rest of the evening. He was just too excited! Morgan was completely undone not getting her own equipment and I had to threaten leaving her at the shop before she pulled her kicking and screaming heap of a self off the floor to come home with us. Easton? Just cool as a cucumber as if this were the most routine errand, although it was keeping him from food and he let me know he was not pleased.

As we all arrived at Edelweiss Lodge & Resort down in Garmisch, the kids were all so excited to see one another again it was so adorable! We got the kids settled into a room to watch movies and eat pizza while the grown ups went to enjoy a delicious sit down meal without kiddos. Ryan soon discovered his newer European-looking slim jeans weren't quite cut out for the spinach cheese dip, filet mignon and mashed potato feasting ahead of him and I think that's one of my favorite laughs of the weekend!

Every time I sit down and have time to talk with adults, I realize how socially retarded being around little ones all day and living in my head can make me! Add a bad night's sleep and a busy day of packing and cleaning to the mix and I'm down right unfit for public interaction - but the food was yummy and conversation fun and interesting. I'm so glad they're all stuck with me!

Saturday morning was chaos! We didn't really plan out our morning the night before so getting everyone fed, outfitted with gear, and to ski school on time became a logistical challenge but all went well in the end. While everyone McKay and older was on the slopes, Tamsyn and I got to do the fun stuff with two toddlers - grocery shopping, packing up the rooms to check out of the hotel, snap pictures of everyone skiing, and keep the two toddlers entertained/bribed until we could get them to the pool. Yup, regular mom duty. It's so glamorous and really made it feel like a vacation, don't you agree Tamsyn?!

And here's the proof in pictures of their fun!

Easton and Lizzie's ski school:

Easton, Lizzie and her mortal enemy behind her are heading out to the slopes!
This wasn't a funny picture until we saw how their day progressed.
The kids first had to take a ride down the slide to get to their slope!

Mastering the "pizza feet" before side stepping up the carpet for another practice run.

McKay got private lessons from Dad. I have a hard time watching because my lack of skill on the slopes makes me uber-nervous for my babies. But I love watching Ryan ski so effortlessly it amazes me every time! I hope my boys remember that their dad taught them first and that they grow to love the sport.

All decked out and ready to take on the mountain!

If only you could hear McKay's scream of death at this moment! He'd actually skied down like this with Ryan before, but had wanted to ski between Ryan's legs on this run to show mom. Poor kid! But he wants to go again, so he must not be scarred for life!

The real reason my kids love this hotel -- the pool!

I didn't get any of Easton in the pool because I was hijacked by a niece and nephew dying to hit the stores on base for American goods. Seriously funny! Jason manically paced the aisles taking stock of his options and adding the costs on his phone as he went while Hayley took things much slower and stewed over each of her decisions. In the end, all their favorite junk foods won out. Soda, cookies, candies, plus the obligatory "dad tribute" to the founder of their feast. Soon everything was loaded up - everything $25 a piece could buy them!

Morgan's true love of the weekend was this carousel. She quickly figured out that if she sat on this clown fish, the on switch was just in her grasp and thank goodness it was not coin operated!

Those smiles above are the reason my part was worth it. Them and Starbuck's hot chocolate on demand.