Wednesday, December 15

This morning . . .

As everyone else was bustling around to get ready, there sat McKay "reading" to Morgan.

I had pulled this book out for Morgan last night as I realized what a poor job of teaching and practicing regular words I've been doing. McKay was glued to us as he realized he could "read" this book! So cute! Easton's done a great job of being a kind reader to his brother and McKay's recently been in a real helper mood, often asking how he can help!

As I got ready, I heard Morgan playing with her bear and doll saying "Cheese!" She was giggling at how cute they were in their poses, showering them with garbled praises and kisses followed by the magic picture-taking word. When I asked if she wanted me to take her picture with them, she gathered them in her favorite choke hold and did the strained "cheese" grin except for this cute one I snuck out of her.

Meanwhile, McKay was donning his outfit for the day and
since I had the camera out and ready, away we snapped!

Little Power Rangers really aught to have protective eye wear
in their line of work don't ya think?!

Then the two of them went to work with a dinner knife to a couple electronic toys to pry open the battery cases after they scavenged all known locations of batteries in the house. [I remember so well when Easton did this at this age!] Then it was time for some good ol' dancin' tunes to shake our booties while I get my chores done. I think someone isn't going to kindergarten today - it's just too cute when they're playing so well together!