Thursday, January 6

A quiet Christmas

We enjoyed a nice quite Christmas here at home all snowed in. Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts although we won't mention some that felt trumped by another's gift idea ;)

My newest, most favorite chocolate confection. This is a horrible picture, but I didn't get another before they were devoured over the past week. So imagine with me . . . an outer dusting of bitter chocolate gives way to a melt-in-your-mouth cool chocolate truffle the likes of which I have never known better! After Ryan brought a sampling of them home from the Tubingen Chocolate Festival, I just had to track down where they might be sold locally! Mission accomplished!

A much needed addition to Ryan's warm weather attire.

Easton's gifts were literary or game oriented like this Sonic action figure.

Morgan is a great mommy to her newest doll that slurps and giggles like a baby should. It was love at first sight! Now if I could just smudge my wardrobe choice out of the picture I'd be pleased as punch.
McKay has been begging for a bow and arrow and was so excited!
He's become a good shot at things on the backs of doors in the apartment.

On Christmas Eve we acted out the Nativity with the following cast:

Easton - Narrator, Angels and Star
Morgan - Mary
Daddy - Joseph & donkey
McKay - Shepherds
Mom - Wisemen

All went well until the Shepherd tried to hold baby Jesus. Mary is quite possessive and doting in our version.

One of the highlights of our day was the big Bare video conference via Skype!

How fun to see almost all my siblings and hear about their Christmas - even my brother Matt serving his LDS mission in Brasil!

Alright, now down to business -- our recent trip to Istanbul!