Wednesday, January 13

A ring's a ring, right?

We had the missionaries for dinner last night. While I was finishing the stroganoff sauce, Ryan came in and said he'd lost his wedding band. He'd been moving one of the kids' car seats for one of the Elders when his ring flew off his finger and he thinks landed somewhere in the snow at the train station. I felt bad, but at the same time chalked it up to yet another "bad luck with rings" family tale. Sad to say, we've -- or more accurately, I've -- got history here folks.

Four months after we were married, Ryan and I flew separately (to save money on flights) back to my family for Christmas. I've never been a ring gal and was still getting used to wearing one. While flying, I took off my wedding band and laid it in my lap to put lotion on my hands. Then the person next to me needed to get up and use the lavatory. I quickly got up without remembering my ring was in my lap. I sat down and finished my lotion lathering and panicked. My ring!!! The flight attendants made a couple announcements and some people looked around a bit but no luck.

When the flight landed, the attendants and cleaning crew helped me look for it. Best guess is that the ring must have landed in someone's bag because we were seriously pulling up seat cushions and digging around on the floor. Grossness!!! When Ryan and I were reunited in the airport, I broke down into tears such that he thought someone must have died! I choked out the tale and he calmed me down and said it was just a ring, we could get another. A couple months later when we found I was pregnant, we got a simple gold band. I was a proud and happy married pregnant working gal and wanted the DC metro train riders to be assured of it. A mouthful!

Fast forward four years later to the summer before Morgan was born and we vacationed with family on a beach in Maine. It was one of my favorite vacations of all time! I woke up early one morning to walk alone on the beach and watch the sun rise. After my walk, I sat in the sand to take it all in. When done, I got up and as I brushed off the sand, my ring flew off my finger into the now sun-lit shimmering gold sand. Great. Perfect. I spent about a half hour combing the area. Another simple gold band replaced it a couple weeks later.

So when Ryan announced he'd lost his ring, it almost felt like it evened the score with my previous losses. I really loved his ring and would miss it. After dinner, Ryan asked the missionaries if they'd be willing to help him go back and look for the ring. I have to admit I thought it was fruitless to even try searching for it. We got about a foot of snow last weekend and after the snow plows and all the cars going in and out of the lot on top of it being dark outside -- what were the chances?!

As we ended the evening, Easton asked Elder Ault to offer our closing prayer. This Elder offered a beautiful, humble prayer asking for help in the search for the ring which symbolized the important and eternal temple covenants we had made when married. It was eloquent, simple and reminded me how important that ring is. Then off they went into the cold dark night to search while I cleaned up and let the kids run off their excited energy and take baths.

But wouldn't ya know it - Ryan returned triumphant!!! He said they had searched in vain for about 15 minutes and Ryan was ready to call it quits. One of the Elders said a silent prayer, then turned and headed to a spot in the snow. There it was.

Ryan told me the story and I insisted he take the boys aside and share it with them too. As he did, we all talked a second [McKay's only three so that's all the time I gots] about how important it is to married in the temple so our family can be together forever and the power of prayer, that Heavenly Father listens and answers us. The moment was not lost on me and Ryan even if the boys were more concerned about what story we'd read before bed.

I'm so grateful for that Elder's prayer in our home that reminded me why the ring is important. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost touching my heart telling me it is true. Even if the ring had not been found, I needed that reminder. I feel like I've been getting lots of reminders lately. In the past week as Ryan and I kiss in greeting or farewell, McKay's always watching and always says, "Mom? Are you married?" Yup, Yup, I am I am! HURRAY FOR ME!!!

I'm so happy Ryan chose me and keeps choosing me. At FHE on Monday, I unveiled our new family schedule and responsibilities chart to involve everyone more, lift some of my burdens, and teach the boys some new skills. While smoochin' last night I noticed Ryan hadn't shaved and commented. He said he hadn't had time to shave because he's in charge of making the kids' sandwiches for their lunch and he couldn't let me down on the first day! And that's one big reason I chose and will keep choosing HIM! The ring is just icing on the cake but as we all know, icing is divine! So is leftover chocolate trifle for breakfast!