Wednesday, January 20

Told ya so!

We're back from McKay's kindergarten and he's not real hungry, just tired. But sitting down to eat lunch with McKay and Morgan after preschool is just part of my day. I'd rather be doing lots of other things while they are occupied, but they eat more and better if I'm eating too, that whole quality time / role model thing at work I hear. Today's separate three courses were as follows: PB&J, buttered peas, and red grapes.

McKay thought it was real cool to pinch a grape between his index and middle finger on one hand and suck real hard until it vacuum popped into his mouth. At first I thought, how fun and creative, right? Then I had serious flashbacks of the kid I babysat once who choked on a hard piece of candy and I had to use my first aid training. I let McKay know it was a real bad idea and he could choke, but as I got Morgan down and cleaned up I could hear him doing it still. A couple more fruitless, or rather fruit-full, slurps and warnings were given.

This kid is particularly willful. No, he's probably just particularly three. A few minutes later he choked. Not bad, just enough to really scare him good since he swallowed a small grape whole. He was terrified. I gritted my teeth and never said, "I told you so!" but helped him calm down. I could tell he knew I was right and that's all I wanted - beyond him being safe, of course!

Now he and Morgan are playing "together" in the playroom. McKay is setting up his cones to bowl with his Nerf football and Morgan is trying to sit her teddy bear on top which means fighting will commence in the next ten seconds and McKay will start hollering, "Nein! Morgan, NEIN!!!" Note I did not say playing well together. That will only come with time. Right?

And the daily dilemma - to put them down for naps before Easton's bus comes or not? How seriously tired are they and what will they do to me if I don't? It's a 20 minute investment in futility or late afternoon/dinner prep sanity. Hmmm . . .