Saturday, January 9

Felt like . . .

The first week back to school after the Christmas break! Back to routines and the backpack shuffle. Time to pack up all the Christmas decor and goods until next year. I thought I would get so much more done with school starting back up, but I often had my two littler ones with me because I didn't want to tramp to and from McKay's school or just took him with me to run errands.

I took a lot of time to play with McKay and Morgan this week. McKay and I built his first Lego cars, tickled often, snuggled even more, and I taught him how to catch the bouncy ball by grabbing it out of the air. At quiet time I read him a story or two before he rolled over and fell asleep -- which I realized this week he does exactly like his dad! Anyhow, it's not uncommon for me to doze off mid-sentence during the book I'm reading him, but I think I've mentioned this before. Once this week when I did, I vaguely remember McKay stroking my face a few times and I awoke nose to nose with him. So sweet, a memory I will cherish forever! Man, he's such a love bug!

When it came time to get things done, however . . .

This is the sweet little vice that held me captive! That would be a "mommy" from our doll house in her mouth, but it might as well have been me! [Oh, and lots of teething drool, she's getting big chompers in back!] This little gal's got my number and knows it! She demands my attention very vocally, especially anywhere near the kitchen to see what grub she can banshee scream out of me. It's oddly worth it sometimes as she waddles after me audibly smacking her lips on our way to the table. Here's her nice "Come here, Mom" beckoning:

On the topic of food, Morgan's favorites are blueberries, bananas, clementines, cereal with milk like her brothers, and now also PB&J sandwiches as well as beans in soups. Unless well-consealed in a meal, she gets her veggies via baby food jar when I know she's starving before meals. It's the ONLY time she'll let me feed her with a spoon I hold. Argh, such a struggle! Otherwise the fresh good stuff ends up on the floor beneath her chair. She's much pickier at dinner but if I leave her alone and we all start eating and talking, she'll pick at her plate with her hands and token spoon eating a good portion and sometimes more than her whining brothers. Can't please 'em all!

Morgan's redeeming new interest is snuggling with me which I'm eating up! I believe I can confidently say her first word is "Stop!" I heard her declare it a few times today when I was kissing on her. Darn smarty pants! Just wish she weren't trying to drop her naps already! Aaaack! The boys happily napped past three years old! Rockin' my world she is!

Her hair is getting so long on top and growing forward that it must be put up each day or she's blind. Today as I had her up at the table snacking on goldfish while I did her hair, I was frustrated by her squirming and more with my awkward attempts to get those blasted little rubber bands around her pig tails. I also had a daunting, full to do list I wouldn't let go of swirling in my brain. At that moment, McKay approached and freaked out that Morgan was eating his goldfish. In his attempt to take them from her they flew everywhere. I. Lost. It. with a capital "I."

I sent him to his room and he was screaming, but with a wounded heart scream that broke my heart in pieces. It wasn't his fault, it was all mine. I finished my calf roping session, took a deep breath and headed in to apologize and hold my little guy. He wrapped his arms around me with instant forgiveness as I cried and said I'm sorry over and over again. He just let me hold him for a long time, patting me on the back. That's love man! This whole repentance and forgiveness thing is so much more real to me as a mother. Lots of chances to practice.

As Ryan and I worked on Saturday chores throughout the day, I marveled at how dads can accomplish chores and stuff with comparatively less interruptions than the mom in this house. I'm guessing this is universal? If not, please share! The cries of hunger I could definitely do without, but I often don't mind kissing munchkins with ouchies or hurt feelings! In those times I realize I love being their mom and that they want me, just haven't-showered-still-in-pjs-at-3pm ME! It's a pretty great thing.