Friday, January 8

Dinner and a Movie

Today is a snow day, as in it snowed all day long! School wasn't cancelled unfortunately, but we are getting some good accumulation. Ryan came home early from work so I was able to take just the boys out into the wintry weather for some sledding. What fun to act and feel like a kid again! I've done a lot of that this week playing with my little ones, a conscious decision to enjoy them more.

When we came in from our fun, Ryan went for a nap while I caught up on other stuff. Then the boys started rumbling for some dinner. Grrrr. We'd gotten a dinner invite from another family but cancelled because of the snow so I wasn't prepared or in the mood to be creative.

The boys had just put on their new Snow White movie and it reminded me of when I was a little girl at 711 S. Irving. On select Sunday evenings, my parents would gather us in the basement for a dinner of popcorn, orange juice, carrot sticks and whatever Disney movie was playing on TV. (This was many, many years before cable or the Disney channel ever existed in my world.)

We'd pile onto a big red and black plaid bean bag, munch on popcorn and watch our shows! I remember Dad piling onto the bean bag with us kids when we were real little. I think mom probably opted for something more comfortable. The evening usually began with Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom" and I remember Dad enthusiastically getting us into the show, a true classic! I still love that theme song!

Then we'd be ready and totally excited for whatever Walt Disney was ready to show us. He'd introduce each show until later I remember Michael Eisner took over that part. I remember watching classic Mickey Mouse and other shorts as well as the featured movies like Snow White, Mary Poppins, Fox and the Hound, Peter Pan, Bednobs and Broomsticks, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and the Apple Dumpling Gang. It always felt like such a treat to watch TV on the Sabbath!

Tonight as I popped our dinner on the stove, a rare occurrence here, but oh so yummy!, I told my boys of that fun memory. They were a bit incredulous but were pretty darn happy to have popcorn and OJ while watching their show for dinner! Watching my boys laughing at those seven dwarves' antics was one of those surreal parent moments where you feel everything has come full circle in a fabulous way! Ryan had overheard us earlier and said, "Hey, you never told me that before!" So here it is for the family memory book!

EDIT: Debate on whether those shows aired on Saturdays or Sundays? I could have sworn they aired Sunday evening and a quick search said Disney aired on Sundays first, then Saturdays for awhile and then again on Sundays. Wild Kingdom was on Sundays as far as my quick search could find. ??? I also had the wrong address from my childhood - 1125 North Irving Place, but there was a 7-11 store down the road a little ways! Perhaps I was merging to faves into one? They did have my favorite kid candy there for quite some time, loved them Sixlets. That's the trouble with memories, ya need witnesses to corroborate!