Wednesday, December 16

Wishing it was taped . . .

After a full morning of drop-offs, finishing Christmas shopping, and pick-ups I was at the PX sharing a salad and soft pretzel with Morgan and McKay. My yogurt dressing was on the side as usual. We were finishing up so we can pick up Easton from school. Morgan side swipes the dressing and it lands on the floor right side up - but empty. In slow motion we watch a large full arc of dressing shower us.

The front of my coat and shirt are covered. Morgan's back as well as the entire back of her full head of blonde hair also caught the onslaught. It was one of those paralysing moments where you don't even know where to begin. And so I sat there and laughed out loud! Literally!

And then I realize I'm drawing attention to myself and our little situation. A full table of men have just sat down at the next table and give me cautious looks. Now a little toddler has come over to smear the remaining contents left on the floor. Ewww! I had my hands full so I turned my head and hollered for help to the group of mothers happily chatting, hoping one of them could claim the little girl as their own before more mess is created. The poor mom hopped up and was so apologetic thinking her daughter had caused our horrible mess. She didn't "get" my laughter. Ooops!

I was finally able to tell her it was our own mess and her daughter was blissfully innocent - other than the dressing covering the little girl's hands and her shining new Christmas dress the mother had just been gushing about to her friends not two minutes ago.

We got as clean as only dry cheap napkins will do and scooted out the door to pick up Easton. In all our glory, of course we run into every mother of Easton's new school friends. In my hurry to clean up, I hadn't dared to really look at my coat and that's probably a good thing considering how embarrassed I'd have been in the moment. Instead I was myself and am no embarrassed after the fact. I wonder what sort of impression my dry static frizzy hair, filthy coat (napkin grains present and all), and motley crew made on our new friends? Motherhood is so glamorous!