Monday, December 14

To my Super Hero

Dear Demon Fighter,

McKay is all about his super powers right now as you know. He makes excellent sound effects too as we've heartily enjoyed! I was thinking about this super hero phase of his last night and it hit me. I don't know if I've thanked you enough for your recent heroism saving me, your resident damsel in distress. I always get frustrated with damsels in distress. Why can't they be more self sufficient and less needy, less high maintenance. [Open mouth, insert foot.]

Do you know you've saved me or was it just all in a day's work? You've saved me countless times lately from my weak moments of being overwhelmed by a little unexpected turn of events here and there.

Damsel Moment #1:
We had people over and I was busy in the kitchen. Morgan found a box of unfrozen popsicles and managed to bite through one. She was standing in a puddle of green sticky syrup. It just put me over the edge and I called out for help. No bat signal in the sky needed. You flew in and in a flash, mopped up the mess while I stood by watching your handiwork. I finished my stuff up and we enjoyed the evening like nothing happened.

Damsel Moment #2:
We got home from our short travels with your family and expected them to drop in later for dinner. I put our favorite chicken dish in the crock pot per request. Tired from the trip, I sulked over the pile of post-trip mini-van vomit on the living room floor that was hollering at me to be put away. Hours later our family arrived and I realized I didn't have the two essential ingredients to make the sauce. You know that moment of mental paralysis? I cried for help and you, my hero, again swooped in and saved the day whipping up a tasty sauce. Again, no one else was the wiser of my weak moment.

Your heroic sound effects are absent, silent really. There's no self-aggrandizing, sing song "Here I come to save the day!" No bad guys to wallop, just my inner demons you keep at bay. Thank you for preserving my sanity and go-with-the-flow-ness ("It's really all one big 'facade'.") so I could enjoy the heart of those evenings.

The longer you're around, the more I need you. The more I love you.

Eternally yours,
Resident Damsel in Distress