Saturday, December 19

Emotional Eater

Two separate kid dental appointments yesterday morning. McKay's first ever cleaning with a Dr. Winkelmann. Easton being checked out for a problem baby tooth by Dr. Klinger. Separate offices, three munchkins, one mom, in three hours.

Was there a quintessential moment, you ask? It'd have to be this wonderful combo when Easton began wailing inconsolably over having to be x-rayed. The hallway was full of patients waiting for their turn next and the technician starts checking her watch for the lunch hour because Morgan also chooses this moment to begin screaming and arching her back to be put down so she can wander at will. Then top it off with McKay howling and clutching my pant leg about opening his "prize" from his teeth cleaning. Good times, friends, good times.

I didn't realize how much it rattled me until we got home. Since I hadn't had time to eat breakfast that morning, I scarfed down my favorite broccoli cheese potato soup with a warm ciabatta roll from the bakerei around the corner while listening to a bit more of Andre Agassi's memoir. Then I topped off with a warmed chocolate croissant as I lay on my bed in the fetal position with my book for the afternoon. Ahhh, life never tasted so good after an endurance run like that!