Monday, December 21

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Snow fell off and on today. Nothing like what our DC area friends are enjoying, but I sure did love watching a mix of big fat slow falling flakes as well as the small, dry wispy ones. It just feels like Christmas is here and I love not feeling rushed!

My goals for today seemed lofty considering I had all three kids home and the house reflected our comings and goings all weekend. But it was really quite fun! I wanted to bake a lot of cookies, dip Ryan's turtles, keep the TV off except for a couple Christmas cartoons, and encourage the kids to play - including sending them outside into the world of snow! As it was, that white stuff was so enticing I just had to join them! We scooted down our tiny hill in the back yard, I taught them to make snow angels, and we even had a little snow ball fight. Oh, McKay sure loved that!

After dinner, we loaded the fam up to deliver goodie plates and had fun caroling to some friends. I really need to facilitate more opportunities for the boys to give! It was so fun to see their faces light up as they took turns carrying the plates and wishing friends a Merry Christmas! I always enjoyed being on the giving and receiving end of treat-bearing carolers growing up. Fun times today! Merry Christmas!!!