Monday, December 21

Ward Christmas Brunch & Crush Update

Gotta write it down before I forget! Last Saturday was the Ward Christmas brunch. FIrst ward event we've been to in a long time that didn't run out of food! Ryan considers the whole event a success when that occurs! After the eating was well under way, the program began which consisted of mostly a talent show. My favorite kick off was how they did the 12 Days of Christmas song. They had made a double layered U of all the tables and at each sitting was a napkin with a cute holiday clothes pin and a little strip of paper. On each strip of paper was the day of Christmas your area would sing together on cue. What made it great was that they were all Germany related things like schnitzels and stuff. Wish I remembered more, but it was fun, creative, and got everyone hollering out their parts.

So this was a brunch, right? Right. Pancakes, eggs, juice, hot chocolate, syrup. Kids. Syrup. Talent show. Got it? Not fifteen minutes after my kids ate and the program had begun, my kids start chasing their buddies in the back. We tried to help them behave but it was futile. Between corralling them and keeping track of Morgan's ramblings, we had our hands full!

I was chatting with Easton's crush's mom. I told her the cute thing Easton had said that first time about having stars in his eyes when he'd seen Brynna for the first time. She got a kick out of it. Then she was hounding Brynna to stop running around and made her stand beside her. Ryan had joined our conversation and had Easton stop running by as well. Ryan said, "Easton look! It's Brynna!"

Easton stopped dead in his tracks. Love-struck and dumbfounded.

Brynna said, "Hi Easton." Totally unaware of her effect on him. He got out a faint, "Hi" in return before she was off. Then he turned to Ryan and said, "My heart got all heart-y" with a big heaving body sigh. Man, he kills me!!! He sure knows how to take his cues from cartoon love!

Later they had a Santa for the kids to meet. McKay thought it was fun and asked simply for toys. He was ecstatic to get a bag full of goodies including a prized Kinder egg. Those silly dumb toys! Grrrr. But Easton! We told Easton to get in line for Santa and to think about what he wanted to ask Santa to bring him for Christmas. Instantly Easton's face was full of concentration. At first he asked, "Should I ask for an xbox game or DS?" I told him to ask Santa for the thing he wanted most.

It was at least another 15 minutes before he got through the line and that serious look of a kid on a mission never wavered! It was like he was Ralphie in Christmas Story! When he finally got up to Santa, he asked Santa for a Nintendo DS like his cousins'. He was in quiet awe of the whole experience and mentioned it a few times the rest of the day with the same reverence.