Monday, July 27

Backyard Camping

Ryan set up the tent in the backyard last night just before his casserole came out of the oven. I thought it would be fun for the boys. After dinner, Ryan tried to teach the boys how to catch and throw a football with varying success. Morgan tried to eat everything she could find in the backyard, even caught herself a roly-poly although I was able to intercept it before it got to her lips! She's got fast fingers!

We finally said it was time to settle down at 10pm to the boys who had been happily playing with their light sticks for two hours in the tent. I think they fell asleep some time after 11. Knowing it could be a night of adventure, I grabbed one of the boy's mattresses and set myself up to sleep in the living room next to the door.

0415 McKay is crying in the tent. He doesn't like the dark. The sky is beginning to brighten on the horizon. I dart outside to bring him in before he wakes up Easton and the neighborhood, but he's demanding his rain boots! It's still "quiet hours" until 0700. I wish my life was quiet until at least 0700 every day!!! All in good time. McKay goes to sleep on Easton's top bunk and I settle in for some hopeful zzzzs.

0515 Morgan is awake and wrestling her blanket to the death in hunger. Note to self: Sucking on her blanket as she does gives her bad morning breath! After she's eaten, she's off to explore. First she hits the play room to maul her favorite horse and baby doll.

0530 Easton is at the door whimpering and wet head to toe. ARGH! He heads for the shower. I groan as I discover my washing machine is just a little to small to fit the sleeping bag. I console myself with a fork full of Ryan's amazing brownies.

0600 Morgan has done her morning business and now I'm positive it's truly a whopper of a Monday morning. Why have the diaper wipe fairies conspired against me this early in the morning? First the wipes box is empty with just three wipes in a clump at the bottom of the box - McKay's handiwork I'm sure. I grab the refill bag and WHY WON'T it dispense just one wipe at a time during such crucial moments of one-handed baby wrangling? WHY?!?!? I clean up the diaper explosion and she's off to scavenge for food under the dining table because I haven't swept since Saturday morning. It's a gold mine! Never mind the fact that we were gone all day Saturday! Cheerios, a stray green bean, and looks like some of McKay's brownie have been discovered judging by her slobbery chin.

For some reason, blogger just erased the rest of this post. Bleh. Plan for the rest of the day: drive Ryan to work in ten minutes so I can take the kids swimming in our local pool finally AND head on base to wash some sleeping bags. I also think I see a storytime nap in my afternoon.