Tuesday, July 28

Thrown Outta School!

Tonight we went to Easton's German kindergarten's graduation ceremony. German children go to kindergarten until they are six. All the German schools begin their summer vacation this week and then the new school year begins in September. Because Easton will be going to the American elementary school on base in September, his kindergarten teacher wanted to include him in tonight's celebration.

Frau Wenig's daughter came and was our translator tonight. The ceremony began with a few words of congratulations from the teachers. The kids were declared graduated and officially big kids on vacation. The teachers made them these cute 4 leaf good luck necklaces and a certificate and then threw them out of the school. The dragged a big mat the size of a mattress and each teacher took an arm or leg as they sang and swung each child before tossing them out the door onto the mattress.

Then we all had cake and a lil' bubbly - sparkling soda for the kids and champagne for the adults. By the end of the evening, there was a 3 yr old little boy named Felix who apparently had been sippin' a bit of the wrong bubbly! He was being real silly and bumping into things.