Tuesday, July 21

Pink Underwear

I keep finding drafts of blogs I haven't yet published. Ooops! This one was written the day before we left for the 4th of July weekend in Garmisch. The pictures I posted of Morgan in the pool from Heike's belong to this post and since I just put them up the other day, I won't bother to put them up again.

July 2, 2009

Last Tuesday night, Easton took an evening shower and was told to go into his room to get dressed. He came out sporting a pink pair of what had once been white. This pair had inadvertently gotten washed with new red sheets some time ago but I didn't see any reason to throw away a perfectly functional pair of underwear. Easton exclaimed that he loved pink. He's been saying he likes pink for about a week and I haven't made any sort of fuss over it because for weeks and months before, green had been his ultimate favorite and still is. Ryan did mutter half-jokingly, "Over my dead body."

Last week was a hot week here. We don't have air conditioning and rely on our ceiling fans. Now when I say hot, I mean it was in the 80s. I love that hot means 80s!!! That's my heat threshold if I have my way. I prefer cooler weather.

Anyhow, as I arrived at the kindergarten the next day at noon to pick up the boys on this hot day, I ran into my friend Heike. She said the teachers had gotten out the slip'n'slide or sprinklers for the kids to run through in their underwear so they were all sportin' shorts with no undies on right now. I had to laugh and cringe all at the same time. My thoughts went immediately to Easton's pink briefs! Of all the days to have an underwear party! Thank goodness he's rather oblivious and even if the kids teased him, he wouldn't know what they were saying!

It was a little mortifying to walk out to the playground to retrieve his pink underwear from the fence. I sighed with relief that at least I knew he had clean ones on that day! Seems the only one embarrassed by the whole affair was me and good thing I found it more funny than embarrassing.

Then we were off to grab our swim suits and pack a lunch so we could enjoy the afternoon at Heike's house. Heike had inflated to little pools for her kids and we were joining in the fun. I should have been good and stayed home to finish packing, but it was hot, the boys were going to love it, and I hadn't gotten to hang out with Heike in some time and missed her. Besides there's a new friend in the mix. Heike's au pair (nanny), Janelle from Idaho/Utah. We had a fun afternoon chatting and watching the kids play. It was so cute to watch Morgan (8 mos) and Liam (6 mos) in their little pool splashing away. These two are pretty funny to watch together as any two little babies are! The boys love playing with Mason, Sammy, and Taylor and they're all great kids!