Wednesday, May 27

In love . . .

Morgan's awake.

Grudgingly I decide swapping laundry loads and emptying the dishwasher again can wait, but sure wished I had more time. Laundry and dishes, however, become a fleeting thought as we spy each other through the crib slats. She's thrilled to see me! She's not mad I didn't come at her first squawk. She's ecstatic I'm here to rescue her from the confines of her crib! She stretches her body straight as a board, double chin evident, arms begin waving, sputtering gurgles and her body goes into excited convulsions. I am the most wonderful thing in her world. It's euphoric to be loved that much by such a little one! She loves me!

Picking her up, snuggling her close face to face, like Anne of Green Gables says - "drinking in" all that wonderful baby smell and smooth skin while she's nice and warm. Isn't that the best? Of course, I liked it better before the scent of formula joined us but those soft cheeks are not to be outdone! Morgan even leans in for it all, completely content to have me smothering her for a time. Inevitably, I have to nestle my nose right under her little chin to elicit a few giggles. Just now we stood at the window cheek to cheek surveying the yard and the heavy pink peony bushes for quite some time whispering sweet nothings. Heaven, pure heaven. I'm in love!

Recently Morgan even tries to give kisses. As I was putting her to bed the other night, she caught my chin and gave a few sucks before nestling her face in my shoulder. It was deliberate and oh so endearing. When tired, she begins rubbing her eyes and then goes for the full face rub into any cotton fabric she can find. When laid in her crib, she just rubs that little face into the sheet while giving a few contented kicks of the legs. Makes you want to just shiver with joy for her - who doesn't love laying in their bed when good and tired!

Every evening, Morgan needs her mommy-on-the-couch-time. She spends the majority of her waking hours during the day perfecting her inch worm and crawling maneuvers going room-to-room so at the end of the day, she's ready for a different vantage point. Right after dinner (the ordeal of my day, have I mentioned that before?), her and I will head for the couch where I lay her flat on her back next to me. Morgan begins happily babbling and gurgling and we'll sing and chat. Her favorite song is "I'm a little tea pot" I've noticed. Being on her back must feel good after a long day of tummy time. Eventually, she wants be held hanging over the edge of the couch blowing raspberries on the leather, working up quite the slobber! Also new to our repertoire is head and back rubs for this little angel although she's also now decided to be a climbing monkey.

Here she is showing off her latest skills.

She spotted the white tag of the carrier and just had to have it. This girl loves tags! I love the little grunting and happy kicks of the legs. I love babies and am always caught off guard by the depth of that feeling, sometimes a hunger that aches to be satisfied. Ugh! They grow too fast!