Thursday, May 28

Errands of Greatness

Have you ever spent a day running errands in an effort to be a better mom that day? I did today.

Yesterday I felt stuck at home with whiny kids and no car. It was not a fun day 'round these parts and since I stayed up really late last night and the kids woke up at 5ish, I knew I'd be a cranky mess by afternoon. So today I decided we'd run errands. I let Easton choose if he wanted to join in the errands or go to school. We were running by the thrift store, grocery shopping, and hitting IKEA. He chose errands! HURRAY! That meant I didn't have to incorporate a trip back to get him from school!

The thrift store on base leaves much to be desired and true to form, I had a list. Nothing to cross off, sadly. We met up with Ryan for an unsatisfying lunch at Taco Bell, kids chose. Oh well, it was worth it just to eat a taco while Ryan held Morgan during the entire meal! Little busy body snatching anything within reach, it's tiresome! And my poor Ryan has pulled a muscle in his lower back somehow so he's hobbling around like a real old fart. Kinda cute, actually.

Next we hit the commissary for much needed groceries. Stocking up on diapers and formula sure runs up the tally fast. Grrrr! I soooo hate bottle feeding and the thought of potty training. Let's just not go there now. Easton was trying to extort a treat out of me by mid-way through the excursion, but their antics even with intentionally-planned-full-tummies left much to be desired. Why does McKay feel the need to kick every display or lag behind so far that I have to really holler just so he can run his fastest to show me his super speed? He was so proud, I was so mortified. Boys.

On to IKEA. A mom's Mecca. Free childcare for 90 minutes. Boys ecstatic. McKay in tears that there's a short line to get in. Easton can't stand still, he's beside himself seeing hardly a soul disturbing the ball pit. Finally I sign away my kids and show my ID. The boys don't even look back to wave goodbye. Ahhh, now on to tackle my short list which by the end of 80 minutes is completely checked off! HURRAY!!! I grab the boys and become the best mom ever by getting them each a "softeis" ice cream cone before we head into traffic to pick up Ryan from work. Everyone is happy with our day as we belt out tunes with the Scripture Scouts. Did you grow up on these? (Brooks, I understand this was one of your first probing questions put to our new sister-in-law-to-be. Thanks for getting the heart of things!)

And the day just gets better. Easton desperately wants Mac'n'Cheese with hotdogs for dinner. Gotta pass it by Dad, kiddo! And dad signs off! Mac'n'Cheese it is! Everyone's happy. Everyone xcept Morgan who struggles in her new cheapo IKEA high chair for the first time trying to pinch those darn Cheerios and get them in her mouth. Brothers to the rescue! Soon she's choking. Phone rings, it's my Mom! Is it a good time to chat? Sure, I'm making dinner for the starving mongrels who are force feeding the infant. Better call ya back!

Call back I did. Loved the story about Grandma Honey stripping in the parking lot. Why not? Her shirt was on inside out and she needed to take care of it. A great day. Glad I didn't run into many people I knew since it was a baseball hat day. It seems that on my most horrid days that I end up out and about, I always run into Ryan's coworkers. Two today. On par. Small world on bases.

Tomorrow will entail more outings, but the late afternoon one will be taking the car in for routine maintenance. Hmmmm . . . I don't know if I can live up to today's greatness so I'll just have to be fully loaded with snacks. Bribery is alive and thrivin' in this household!