Friday, November 2

My boy is growin' up fast!

As with many of Easton's little friends, I'm noticing a real language explosion. I dearly love kidspeak, but when Easton throws down a full coherent sentence I just giggle! For instance . . .

- After I cut off the candy intake Halloween night, Easton said he was hungry. I gave him a few options and he said, "So Mom, those are my choices, huh?" The word "choices" is becoming one of his favorite words in conversation lately.

- Easton loves it when I tell him stories from when he was a baby. (SIDE NOTE: He loves babies and has been telling me since early summer that he needs more babies, girl babies specifically. And yes, he did say babies in the plural! Since my mom is a twin, it could be possible, but I still like the one at a time dosage.) Anyhow, I started telling him a new baby story about himself today and he matter-of-factly said, "No Mom, I want the hop-spittle story [hospital], not this new one."

The hospital story is truly a cherished memory for me. I had Easton at 2:30pm Saturday, December 20, 2003. At 9pm that evening, I was still on the adrenaline rush of all that was new. I'd sent Ryan home for the night because he couldn't keep his eyes open past 6pm after being up with me all night through labor. Easton had woken up and been fed but then he started getting fussy. The reality of my new life as a mother threw me into a mini-panic! What in the world should I do now? And if I can't make him stop crying, I can't just return him! Oh dear, this is for real - can I take it?

I had the most peaceful feeling wash over me and I knew that the Holy Ghost was coming to my aid - that I should sing to him. One of my greatest fears is singing aloud for people because long ago I was told I didn't have a good voice. But I knew I was supposed to sing to him to calm him down. I began to sing the song that came to mind which doesn't have too much of a high or low range - "Teach Me To Walk In the Light." The song calmed him down immediately and I was soothed as well. Throughout his life, music has always helped alleviate our rough patches.

This hymn continues to remind me what's important as he and I learn here together. Every time he has me tell this story and sing the song to him, I love the message of the song! I was taught in that moment that I wasn't going to be left to my own devices in this parenting journey. Thank heavens, literally!!!