Sunday, October 21

Farm date with Easton

After the morning family outing to take in Leesburg's Court and Market Days, we headed home for some lunch and put McKay down for his mandatory nap. It just so happened to be the Farm Tour Festival in our county which I don't like to miss so I took Easton on a date and Ryan got a nap. All were happy!

As we pulled up to the farm, I see that they've newly installed a playground. Easton's thrilled, but I was a little dismayed because we frequent parks a lot and I came here for the farm experience! So I let him know we'd do the playground after we found ourselves some pumpkins. First we stopped to see the wheat harvest demonstration which was pretty cool!

The farm had a bunch of pumpkins laid out for the non-patch people. Easton ran to it and started checking out the mighty gourds. Then he saw another kid roll over a pumpkin and holler a delighted, disgusted "Ewwwww!" Easton LOVED it and began turning over pumpkins to see if he could find any fabulously rotten ones to squeal about. Such a boy thing!

Then we took the hayride to the pumpkin patch which was fabulous on a sweatshirt and shorts weather day! We hopped off the hayride and other patch people with their arms overflowing with beautiful pumpkins and decorative gourds began climbing aboard. Easton proceeded to pick up the nearest discarded pumpkin which was probably left by some mom telling her kids they had to pick their favorite. He looked up at me and said, "Playground now?" What a schemer! Here I was, dreaming of a fabulous afternoon discovering all a pumpkin patch can hold with my son and he was thrilled to check off the task and head for the playground! So rather than fight him on it, we grabbed his pumpkin and boarded the hayride before it had even left. I totally should have held my ground and made it a fun game hunting for treasures in the patch, but with a bad case of hayfever and a sore leg from the current health ailment - I was okay giving in.

As you can see from the pictures, Easton is in need of a serious hair cut and me seeing pictures of said hair condition hope to address it very soon. However, hair length did not impede this kid from haivng a great time at the farm and the playground. I still get such a kick out of seeing him look for me before and after he does something like those slides. It means that he still thinks I'm the most important person in his life and reminds me I need to soak it up!

The both of us are really enjoying our current Joy School setup and I was his teacher this week. It was so adorable to hear him open the door for his friends and say, "Welcome to Joy School, come on in!"

A word to the current health ailment on my leg. It's a condition called erythema nodosum and is rather repulsive. If ya google the condition, it's an inflamation of the fat cell layer. I lovingly refer to it as my elephant leg condition because my affected leg swells from the knee down, has a red hot spot the size of a good bruise, extremely tender, and I loose all shapelyness of said leg and my ankle disappears. It's a condition that runs its course in 3-6 weeks and is an outward manifestation of my ulcerative colitis, cuz apparently having UC diarrhea isn't enough. However, the UC symptoms are doing MUCH better on this whole modified diet I'm trying to stick with (some days better than others) so I'll keep with it to try to avoid going back on prednisone steroids.