Wednesday, October 17

My cute guys

I haven't posted in a while because we've been rather busy. Any time I have at the computer has been used to research nutrition and gluten-free recipes. Fun, huh? Other than that, here's the lowdown! We bought a trampoline from a family that was moving. I've been dying to make use of our horrible backyard so that I can send the boys outside to play. We had to have a fence built and last weekend Ryan and a couple of his wonderful friends leveled the backyard in prep for the trampoline. Dean set the retaining wall complete with plastic tarp to keep the dirt from coming through the brick AND a drainage pipe. Joseph did the cement step at the base of the deck and they all collaborated on the entire project. Such a great job! Also, our wonderful new neighbor works for Rentals Unlimited and was able to get us free delivery and use of a Rota tiller and tamper (soil flattener). It's just so awesome!!! I am completely indebted to all three of them!!! I'm soooo excited! Here's pictures of their work:
Dean's wall

Joseph's cement wonder - totally reminds me of my dad's projects, the cement lover!

Easton loves the movie "Chicken Little" and he and McKay are both little songbirds when left to themselves. In that movie, two characters are kareoking "Don't go breakin' my heart." I sing this with the boys but the best is when we heard it on the radio recently and McKay just started belting out "Woooo-Hoo!" randomly and still does. Kids just crack me up! And to hear Easton making up his own words to songs kills me! Here's some pics today of McKay taking one of his regular post-meal baths in the sink:

On Sunday, McKay was sitting in my lap and looked up at me and Ryan and pointed to his feet and said matter of factly, "Feet!" That's the first real word. The rest of his words are really kidspeak other than when he's hollering "MOM!" I just can't get enough of his impish smiles and so it's a good thing he's quite the snuggler and has taken to smashing noses/gazing eyeball to eyeball!

When Ryan got home tonight, Easton began asking for "sticky popcorn." This simple recipe only involves popcorn, brown sugar, butter and marshmellows. Ryan made it with Easton's help and to be funny, Ryan handed a huge glob to McKay to see what he'd do. I missed that first moment which was hilarious because McKay's jaw dropped and his eyebrows arched. He cracks me up!!! But these are pretty funny anyhow!