Wednesday, September 5

A Mom's Best Friend

The iHome under counter iPod AM/FM/TV/Weather Radio. Adjusting to a constant life in the kitchen with hungry boys is now bearable! I’m either making food, feeding them food, or cleaning up said food – the routine is mind numbing and by the time I’ve addressed that room over and over in one day, I typically have nothing left for the rest of the house.

Last Christmas I asked Ryan for a kitchen radio/cd unit to help time fly. He insisted on getting me the iPod version and BLESS HIM!!! He knew my needs better than I did at the time! I’ve become an audio book junkie! Ryan’s got all our tunes loaded on it and then a couple audio books at a time. I just finished Flags of Our Fathers which I highly recommend! I simply hop online to reserve books on cd from the library and wait for them to notify me when to pick them up. (Searching for books in the library with boys who think taking books off the shelf is just a fun game necessitates this routine!) BYU Broadcasting is also doing a great job of supplying my current needs. I whole-heartedly recommend this year’s BYU Womens Conference talks!!!

I find I prefer to be in the kitchen rather than the rest of the house because of my new best friend. I love learning new things. I love being edified. I love doing these things while tackling the most mundane of daily tasks!

As I cut the boys’ hair last night over the kitchen sink, I thanked the inventor of this wonderful gadget. I put on their children’s primary songs and I think some Scripture Scouts at one point and it chilled them out a bit. Since this is only the third time I've endeavored to cut their hair, it takes me quite a while. McKay still didn’t enjoy the experience, but luckily he endured it and let me finish.

Another favorite moment brought to me by this fabulous invention happened today. Gwen Stephani’s “Sweet Escape” song came on the radio and my boys go their groove on singing and dancing to the chorus of “WooHoo, WooooHoo.” Too funny! At various times today, I'd hear Easton singing the chorus to himself and McKay would say "WooHoo" with an impish smile to get an adoring reaction from me.

Lest you fear for my literacy, I do engage in conventional reading of books now and then, but its just so rare and if it happens it usually results in a nap after 20 minutes of reading. My family has always teased my mom because if she sits for more than 10 minutes, she’s out cold no matter where. Who can blame her, she’s got ten kids – she’s earned it! Anyhow, my conventional reading efforts are usually reserved for bedtime reading, the Ensign, and the occasional emergency. Emergency, you ask? Sometimes I make emergency exceptions to read day and night and let the boys fend for themselves – like when the final Harry Potter book came out. Like I said, emergencies! I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone on this one and you know who you are!