Saturday, September 1

Captain Obvious, that's me!

I couldn't decide what to name this entry - Captain Obvious or "Here's Your Sign." For those not familiar with the latter, it's used in those moments when you really want to tell someone "Here's your sign, Stupid! - please wear it to forewarn innocent bystanders." Ryan said I should go with Captian Obvious so I'll tell ya my moment and you can cast a vote!

Alright, our washing machine has not been working for two weeks now. Luckily I'd been caught up with laundry before we went to New Hampshire and Nancy had done laundry while we were there - BLESS HER!!! I tell ya, I'd be more motivated to keep up with my laundry if it were on the main floor or bedroom level. (Please note, I said "motivated" which does not necessarily mean it will stay caught up if this situation is addressed in our future homes.)

Essentially, the washer was filling up with water and draining, but not moving the clothes or spinning. I also noticed it kept stopping at the 2nd rinse/spin cycle. The repairman said it needed a new belt and he fixed it and the knob thingy. I was so relieved he was able to fix it on the spot because I had company coming and needed to wash some bedding for them. The minute the repairman left, I was down there doing a load - I'm sure you know the panic! Anyhow, once again the washer was stopping at the 2nd rinse/spin cycle! ARGH! By this morning, I'd done three loads, testing each wash cycle on the dial and was pretty frustrated because that meant scheduling another appointment and, of course, more money. Ryan and I had discussed prior to the first repairman visit that if the repair cost over $300, we'd just buy a new machine. Well, the first visit had been $239 and now for another visit we knew it'd break our threshold.

Ryan had come downstairs to grab a shirt this morning and caught me in a tantrum over it. He took a look at the machine and made a rather astute observation - the Extra Spin Cycle button was OFF. WHAT?!?!? ARGH!!! He shook his head with a good chuckle while I was thoroughly disgusted with myself. Where's my sign?

Needless to say, we called to cancel the second appointment. At one point this morning, I caught Ryan laughing to himself. I was sorry I asked what he was laughing at - man, I really hate being wrong or caught missing the obvious! Grrrr! But happy the machine works although those new machines look mighty nice!