Sunday, September 9

A Lil' Sacrifice Goes a Long Way

My Easton cracks me up! Ryan had found a straw hat he liked last weekend in Harpers Ferry. Easton saw him wear it and decided he needed to be just like dad. Easton's had this chewed up cowboy hat for quite some time and insisted on wearing it for breakfast and on all outings earlier this past week. And yes, he's just in his underwear - his prefered clothing state. Just another illustration of how kids make me laugh!

Now to my bloggin' point. A sleep deprived mommy who's watched kids all day should not be argued with and needs a laugh now and then, right? Another true axiom is that no matter how big the kitchen, there's never enough room to hide and store everything you want to! Well, my kitchen is no cargo hold, but a huge improvement from the galley kitchen of our first apartment.

I had finally found a place for a couple larger items and while being used temporarily on the countertop, some of Ryan's Costco bulk items took up residence in their space. They were sad and I was sad for them. After a long day - dinner made, kids fed (some tricked into doing so as mentioned in an earlier blog), and cleaning up - Ryan and I were in a post-dinner chat. I can't really remember the specifics of the conversation, but I was probably in un-official whine mode.

At one point, I mentioned how his Costco items were in my new-found storing spot and then said with all the mock-dramatic flare I could muster, "Aaah, my life is all about sacrifice!" To which Ryan and I burst into chuckles. We laughed about how true and dramatized it all was over something totally silly but that meant a lot to me. The bit of indecisive-perfectionist in me struggles with final resting spots for most items in my house which is why there is still nothing hanging on any of the bedroom walls in our house.

So, I've found my new mommy-mantra. Isn't it true though? Not to belittle Ryan's sacrifices, but who's writing this? Anyhow, my new mantra is fun to use in many situations, particularly to diffuse frustration I want to blast in Ryan's direction. Poor guy! He often doesn't see it coming.