Tuesday, September 11

That darn fine print!

All was hunky-dory until I heard a sound from the backseat that makes all moms everywhere cringe and dread the rest of the day! McKay had thrown up all over himself. Luckily it hadn't spread to the car, just covered him and his carseat quite thoroughly. Bless his little heart, he just started saying "Uh-Oh" over and over again until we got home almost 20 minutes later.

Easton was thoroughly disgusted by the whole affair as was I. It's one of those moments you just want to cry. Not only were we missing an outing with friends and yummy food, but I knew my morning would be spent sterilizing lil' McKay, his clothes and that disgusting carseat. EEEEWWWW!!! I have since become very familiar with the fine workings of a Graco carseat. I just hope I can figure out how to put it back together! Carseat re-assembly wasn't part of my undergrad and I never knew motherhood required an engineering degree or at least a minor!

I have to admit my first thought was say,"Adios, Graco!" and put it in the trash pile ready for pickup, then scour yardsales this weekend for a replacement. I had lucked out when McKay was a baby because two friends gave me their infant carseats. When McKay had the mother of all diaper blowouts the day I was flying to Washington for a few weeks, I felt no remorse pitching the "spare" carseat because I had another to fall back on. This time I realized I needed to just earn my stripes, dig in and join the ranks of other real moms.

Ryan just called to check in. When I said, "I did NOT sign up for this!" He chuckled - from the luxury of his clean "double-wide" cubicle and said, "You didn't read the fine print." We laughed together while I also told him I was experiencing some resentment towards him - my equal partner in this eternal family. Somehow today, bringing home the bacon and cleaning up spewed bacon just don't seem to be so equal.