Wednesday, September 11

9-11 . . . 2013

As my boys eat breakfast, I sometimes have them watch CNN Student News. This morning, I was reminded that today is September 11th. This always takes me back to that day in 2001. (See previous post of my 9-11 experience when the Pentagon was hit while I was in its metro.) It's a very visceral remembrance for me each year. The anxiety returns, the peace returns but time eases the sharpness of the experience.

Before I got up, I was reading a talk this morning by Elder Packer about when he was a young man in high school when that fateful Sunday attack at Pearl Harbor changed his life and outlook on the future. The following day, his whole school tuned in to listen to President Roosevelt announce the US was at war with Japan. It is a great talk, sharing how we can move forward with our lives in times of uncertainty. See link here.

I am so happy and grateful to be where we are now and what God has blessed us with.  Here's a few of my favorite sights this summer and the beginning of the new school year:

Two cuties enjoying watermelon. Is there anything that says summer better?
Morgan is living out loud and climbing the walls daily for "essercise". Literally!
First day of 4th grade for Easton with Ms. Bolton and Frau Axe
 in a 3/4 mixed class again.
McKay's first day of 2nd grade with Ms. Clem, Frau Alvarez,
Frau DonĂ­e, and Mr. Chivington in a mixed 1/2 class.
A few weeks ago we had our cousin Isabell stay with us for a week. She was fabulous and we had a good time with her here. She and Jake were pretty inseparable whether she liked it or not, particularly at bedtime when he made her read to him. Here's their selfie and I love it!

While Isabell was here, Easton was wanting to do some history reading one morning. As I showed Easton what was in each of his Story of the World volumes, we got talking about wars and natural disasters. He's a natural worrier, doesn't like anything that shakes his boat from the norm. He asked about 9-11 and so I got online and was showing the boys and Isabell an interactive map of 9-11 and where Ryan and I were. They were very interested. Isabell said she had been two when 9-11 happened so I'm sure it was different hearing my experience and perspective. And then we watched a really well done documentary about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was amazed at how fascinated Easton and McKay were with that hour long documentary!

But what I cherish most is the opportunity it gave me to share with them that no matter what happens - man made or natural disasters, we always have a choice in how we respond. Fear, or faith and courage. Anger - or kindness, patience and love. We cannot choose our circumstances, but we can choose our response. I've recently been reminded that I need to work harder in applying this to the small, seemingly insignificant day-to-day frustrations and monotony that can be this season of life's routine. I hope Ryan and the kids know and can feel how much I love them. They are my greatest joy and blessing.