Wednesday, September 11

The Greatest Race - Missoula Childrens Theater

I signed the boys up to participate in the visiting Missoula Childrens Theater's week long production of  "The Greatest Race: The Tortoise and the Hare." It was in early August. McKay was thrilled, but Easton cried and moaned for a whole day when I told him. I let him . . . in a room with the door closed. The next day I told him I did it for him, that he has many talents I wanted to give him the opportunity to develop. He grudgingly agreed.

On the first morning, the 60 children were asked to line up silently by height and given various tasks as their unassuming audition like introduce themselves by name, age and favorite flavor of ice-cream. Then they sang "Row Your Boat" followed by pretending they were stepping over a sleeping alligator, under a waterfall, and grabbing a cookie from a cookie jar - as the two leaders walked around and took notes. I was pretty happy to see the boys enjoy this. When doing the pretending, Easton cracked me up because as some kids were very theatrical in their acting, he was dutiful and thoughtful - but he was the ONLY kid to "eat" the cookie he took from the cookie jar. Smart kid! Their parts were announced as was their rehearsal schedule for the week. These auditions were Monday morning, the play was on Friday afternoon.

McKay was an adorable member of the Bunny Fan Club that hopped in as a chorus anytime someone mentioned "the race." McKay wished he'd had actual lines on his own. Maybe next time. It was so fun seeing him scan the audience for us many times and get a sly, shy grin on his face as he did his part. McKay wants to be big as soon as possible and loves to be a leader and peacemaker among his friends. We're working on being focused, responsible and obedient this school year and I love how Ryan negotiates ways to help him measurably work on it. Such a cutie!

Easton, quickly shedding his stubborn reluctance, enjoyed the week. He was part of the Reptile Crew. The ease with which he memorizes lines amazes me. First time I ran through his lines on Wednesday with him, he had them down almost perfect. He liked playing a sarcastic kimono dragon. He's also a very good singer and gaining confidence, never wanting to draw attention to himself but loves be appreciated. His teacher this year, Ms. Bolton, said of him on the first day what a grounding influence he has on his peers and that she could tell he was a very good boy. I'd have to agree with her. And he's pretty handsome to boot if I do say so myself!

They did a good job for just one week's work and I really appreciated the two gals leading them from MCT. High energy and good leaders of these kids.

Let's talk about these two. Do you see that 2 year old's face?! He kills me! And Morgan's growing more beautiful daily, even though we're trying to get along better. (She goes back to German kindergarten soon and I'm steeling myself for the ensuing morning drama routine.)

They had to endure being carted to and fro all week but not being able to participate. Because the production fell at dinnertime and we would be eating late, early snacking didn't end up working. Upon arrival, they could feel the excitement in the air. As the show began they raided my bag for snacks again and made big messes. Opening number as I anticipated McKay's entrance, Morgan crashed to the ground when the chair she was standing on tipped over. Awesome. We barely survived the performance together. 

Morgan was so excited to see two of her buddies from her German kindergarten. Such cuties together! 

A fun experience worth the busy-ness of the week! I'm so glad the boys gave it a go and did so well!