Thursday, March 3

The OB visit

Morgan accompanied me to my OB appointment this morning. We ended up having to wait over an hour because the nurse at the front desk forgot to put me in the doctor's que. Morgan was a trooper and at minute 45 when I knew I should be close to next in line, she needed a serious diaper change and of course the diapers were in the van. Thinking I'd be next, I tortured the others in the small waiting room. When two more ladies went before me, I couldn't wait any longer. I took her out to the van - which reminded the nurse of her mistake - and we returned fresh as daisies and were seen shortly thereafter. The doc apologized profusely over and over which I appreciated very much.

There's nothing graceful about OB appointments, right? Here in Germany, it's just a tad bit worse because they give you nothing to cover up with - no paper sheet to drape over you. Just you with nothing on from the waist down, the stirrup "chair", and your doc. Awkward. Between being a woman whose born children and having ulcerative colitis, there's not much dignity this soul could have at this point in a doctor's office. So I pretend like I don't care and just get it over with. Ten minutes, I can handle that. I heard the greatest helpful hint from a friend the other day who said she always wears a flowy skirt that she can hike up. Genius! But I forgot that wisdom when getting dressed in a hurry this morning since I'm still excited about my Old Navy maternity shipment stuffs that just arrived. Cute, comfy jeans - HALLELUJAH!!! That and McKay was having serious Fasching Power Ranger costume angst this morning since he couldn't find, didn't like, or I zipped too high certain parts of his get up. Drama!

I think I gained serious points in Morgan's eyes today by taking her with me to the doctor. She saw me get my blood drawn. This alone was big since she has just finished her infant immunizations on a one year delayed schedule (not for any moral reasoning, just that moving here did a number on the number of things my brain allowed itself to handle). Morgan knows what doctors do - they give shots, but she's never seen Mommy get a shot until today. I think it was good for her and she was super sweet to me. "A Mommy a shot?" "A Mommy a ouchie?" But I was brave and showed her it's not a big deal. Yeah me.

The minute we sat down with the doctor, Morgan (who is well-acquainted with office visits) began demanding a toy or treat. She'd already raided my bag in the waiting area and come up dry, so she'd been waiting for this moment. Doc had nothing to offer and I was at a loss so we just talked over her and got on with things. Once up in the chair, however, she stood by my side as the chair was elevated. She looked a bit uncertain and I was glad she was there to take my mind off the fact that I was half naked. As the doctor did the ultrasound, Morgan kept asking if I was getting a shot or had an ouchie from the magic wand. She patted or held my hand and it was seriously so sweet! I told her to look at the screen to see the baby in Mommy's tummy which she did, but obviously didn't quite understand.

As we were leaving the doctor's office, in fact right outside his office door and in the reception area she had a melt down. She kept saying, "A baby!" She wanted the baby since we'd just "seen" it! Our wait had made me late to meet a friend so I wasn't as patient with the funny situation in the moment but have been laughing over it all day since. Poor girl thought she'd get candy, a toy or at the very least a baby out of this appointment and she got nothin' and was letting the world know!

Oh by the way, baby Carter #4 is going to be a boy! When told, Easton and McKay both gave me big grins and then the boy/girl ratio of the family. We're very excited! Dinner conversation tonight was all about names. McKay likes Kip - from Easton's class readers. Easton likes Michael James. Ryan and I each have a favorite of the moment but don't agree. And so it begins!