Monday, February 28

McKay's recent

McKay has a problem. His pants refuse to stay up and he's constantly showin' his baby moon. This has recently been compounded by his new preference for boxer briefs to regular briefs. These don't stay up too well either - not enough junk in his trunk as the saying goes. Anyhow, now the problem is worse. As he pulls up his pants, he never seems to get them over the briefs so he has all this bunched up fabric above his struggling waistband. We may have to go the suspender route because belts just don't do the job. I just wish he was a little more shy but he thinks he's cool stuff and that textiles are optional.

As I've been working with McKay on learning to read, I get such a kick out of his pronunciation. Some of his sounds have a definite German influence and it's so adorable! The best is when he gets talking to Morgan and gives her commands in German. He has no idea he's doing it!

McKay really likes to practice phrases he likes by saying them over and over in whatever situation or conversation he's having. "You gotta be killing {kidding} me!" was it for a while until recently he's taken to saying, "That's totally freaking me out!" He uses it or variations of it for everything. Hilarious!

Today I could tell he was worn out from his school's Fasching party and Morgan really needed a nap so we did some quiet time. McKay protested until about the minute before he joined dreamland. I snuggled up to him as he was sucking his thumb and rubbing his ear. He'd stop and say, "I'm not sleepy." He must have said it at least a dozen times before he finally succumbed. Only problem is that he's a grouch to be woken up which makes it fun times for me when I have to get them up to go get Easton from school. Oh well, it was an hour and a half that I got to each lunch and do laundry in solitude!