Tuesday, March 29


After Morgan and I pick McKay up from school, we have a little lunch and then it's quiet time. I put Morgan down and then McKay and I do something together before it's his quiet time. I used to lay down with him and sometimes still do if I need a nap, but lately I've had too much to do so I just tell him it's quiet time or he tells me. Then he typically ends up in his room playing with a couple cars or legos because I'm no fun while doing chores. Almost every time he sacks out right where he's playing. Last week it was on the floor where the sun was coming in through his big windows. He'd spread out a blanket with a collection of legos and he was curled up in a ball. Too cute.

Today I knew he hadn't been asleep long so I was going to pick him up and carry him to the van so we could go get Easton from school. I'd already put Morgan in the van and was cutting it close on time because I'd wanted to finish a couple chores like starting the dishwasher and swapping laundry loads. I went to pick McKay up and he was swaddled in a sheet.

As I picked him up I saw a bare shoulder and realized he had stripped down to his underwear before sacking out. What?! Why?! I didn't have time to wake and dress him and knew the drama that would ensue if I tried, so I just scooped him up in the sheet and put him in the van - laughing all the way! My laughter woke him up a bit and he just gave a sleepy, sly grin. I probably should have grabbed his clothes but I didn't want to make the extra trip and he was a heavy enough load all wrapped up. Do I carry him over the belly or under? There seemed to be no good answer.

Tonight as we snuggled and read books on my bed (which actually got made today!) McKay was snuggled up close to my belly side. When we were done he said, "Mom, I like rubbing your belly button." I hadn't even noticed he'd been rubbing my tummy the whole time! If you've watched McKay nurse that thumb of his, you know the other hand is busy caressing his ear or forearm. The boys get a big kick out of my spreading button. If I need to change their mood I ask if they want to compare belly buttons!

Ryan made cookies tonight and as I was walking toward the table I totally ran into one of the chairs with my belly and hollered, "Ouch!" It hurt real good. Ryan asked what I'd done and I told him I'd run into the chair because my belly was sticking out farther than I thought. Everyone started laughing at me and what can you do? I've already begun having the wet shirt around the belly look anytime I'm at the sink doing dishes. How embarrassing! Gotta start doing the belly check before leaving the house!