Monday, April 18

Sayin' Somethin'

Yoohoo! I'm still around, I promise. My head has been full of things to blog about but prego exhaustion at the end of the day and too much to do during the day have conspired to keep me away from my chronicling. We've had a couple of fun trips and now another camera with pictures to sift through.

Spring is in the air and while my old roommie Amanda loves that mulch smell, I'm more partial to catching the scent of blossoms on the wind! My favorite thing this spring is that Ryan taught the boys to ride their bikes sans-training wheels a couple weeks ago and they have taken to it like fish to water. It is so fun to watch! It totally made our trip to the Netherlands!

All day today I wanted to get here and start putting things down, but there are six kiddos under 8 years old to feed, entertain, and put to bed so this will be short. We've got the cousins for a couple weeks and it's been fun to see the boys and Lizzie enjoying some good time on their bikes on the path below our house. Morgan and Miles anxiously watch the big kids now and then but are pretty busy playing in and out of the house. It's busy morning ta night 'round here and hopefully I won't be remembered by them as the Wicked Witch's long lost sister. We all have our thresholds ;) Fun things are in the works for them so I'm not too worried!

So here's to many posts to come!