Saturday, December 11

On the brain

We've lived here almost two years now. I just got around last week to hanging a mirror at the kids' height in the bathroom last week. [Thank you Post-it hooks adhesives so I don't drill holes in nice tile!] McKay especially loves it!

One morning this week, when he'd been asked to go brush his teeth and wash his face after breakfast, he came out struttin' and sportin' a new 'do. He triumphantly said, "How do you like this cool hair?!" It was plastered wet to his forehead with parts curling as he did his characteristic "Oh yeah!" eyebrow lifts!

But to appreciate his pull-forward skillz, one must see the back too!
And oh how I love his hands framed kisses! Here he is sending Ryan off to work.

Not to curb his enthusiasm, I felt it was high time to get him better acquainted with Mr. Comb. But as I showed him how fun the comb could be at making his hair stick up all sorts of ways, he was quick to show me how much better he was at it by himself!

He was a little sad that wearing his winter hat wreaked havoc on his 'do when we went to his school, but he quickly forgot as he ran off to play with his friends.

Morgan has found a favorite perch recently. And I don't think Ryan minds the head rubs too much either! Another bonus -- he's got both hands free to type away while discussing deep and serious topics with his astute daughter.