Saturday, December 11

Santa and cinnamon rolls came to town!

About a month ago in front of the commissary, a nice white bearded gentleman who was collecting donations for the local VFW chapter stopped me [VFW = Veterans of Foreign Wars]. I had Morgan with me and he wanted me to know that Santa would be visiting specific locations in December with free photo ops. How nice!

Fast forward to this morning when en route home, Morgan begins stating something I've heard her say a lot but have never understood - although I know I know it but can't remember this time. "TeeKee," she says with more impatience as we kept fumbling what she meant. When we zipped through the light at the Panzer base, she lost it. She was trying to say "PX!" I'm still laughing that Ryan whipped the car around to make his little girl happy! Her waterworks ceased immediately! We'd both seen the signs earlier in the week posting that Santa would be there today and if the line wasn't horrific, we thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try. But come on, Saturday at 11am? What were the chances!?

We unloaded our crew from the van asking the boys what one item they wanted to ask Santa for. As we entered the PX, to our utter shock, there was only one family in line! Yahoo! We got the kids up there, a photographer snapped away, and then another gentleman burned a cd right there on the spot of our kids' pictures! For FREE! No sponsor posted or solicitation of donations, it was very very nice of them!

Easton told us he was going to ask for an ipod [touch] like his friend Anthony to play games on. What?! For months he's been asking for Super Mario Galaxy II and a Wii to play it on! But he was now determined to not be swayed.

Easton saw the photographer right off and so he wouldn't look at Santa. He just whispered his hope out the side of his mouth as he "posed" for the pictures being snapped.

McKay was fascinated with Santa's glove and kept stroking it which was adorable. If you know McKay, you know how he loves to touch!

McKay kills me! For a couple weeks now, he's been counting down until Christmas. We have a paper chain he made and his advent calendar, but the kid just can't wait! He really wants a bow and arrow but can never remember what it's called so he acts it out. Cutest high pitched "ptchoo" sound effect ever as he lets the imaginary arrow fly while his pincher fingers release! He promises he will only shoot snow with it . . . "fo' wee-o". [for real!]

The boys each got a piece of candy and Santa had his eye on Morgan. She was perched atop Ryan's shoulders and did not want to be handed over. But as she saw the candy being offered she began to warm up until Ryan went to take her off his shoulders so she could take the piece of candy from Santa herself. She began to scream bloody murder! For heaven's sake, you'd a thunk we were trying to drop her off at nursery!

We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home after that and I finally got the nerve up to try making another quiche and my first ever attempt at cinnamon rolls. Oh how I love cinnamon rolls!!! I have two friends that make seriously good ones but they live in Virginia and that doesn't work so well for that craving. But without a mixer, making any type of bread just didn't sound fun and anything that has to be kneaded and rolled out like sugar cookies just seems so arduous on most week days! I cook out of necessity or duty, not because I enjoy it. However today, I had no pick-up/drop-off schedule to pin me down so I had at it!

I've recently been admiring Our Best Bites recipe blog's Christmas concoctions and wanting to try one of their three cinnamon roll recipes. I DID IT!!! First attempt was a complete success! I really like their step by step photo instructions like Pioneer Woman's. This is the Everyday Cinnamon Roll recipe.

Mine didn't rise until they were in the oven and I was a little worried, until . . .

Hello, Beautiful!!!

Ryan called them "Superb!" and better than Cinnabon! And I think he ate four?! Said they might become a new craving for him. {Better get me a mixer then, Santa - wink, wink!} The kids also loved them although they were a bit rich for McKay. Easton went and polished off the extra frosting after downing two. It's a seriously easy recipe with stuff I usually have on hand, even though my yeast packet was probably expired. Debra and Samantha, they're not up to par with your amazing rolls, but they'll do for now!