Tuesday, November 23

Recently . . .

As Americans are heading into Thanksgiving, Germany is finishing up it's harvest season of thanks for the earth's bounty. The past two weeks we went to school functions at the boys' schools celebrating Lichterfest and St. Martins. St. Martin was a Roman soldier who became a Christian monk and cared for the poor. Easton school hosted a lantern walk to the Martinskirche in Sindelfingen where the church was doing a reinactment of St. Martin on his donkey and some music - or at least that's what we hear happened with the program. Our kids had meltdowns just getting in the car to go, so after the lantern walk they were in no shape to wait and sit through the evening program. Best intentions, but we enjoyed the nice weather that evening and played on a little playground. The kids all like carrying the lanterns they made in school for the occasion.

McKay's school held Lichterfest last Friday. McKay was so proud and happy to show he was part of this - it was his school party he'd say. All kids love candlelight and were drawn like moths to the flame.

McKay's on the left between two of his teachers, while Morgan, Ryan and Easton are on the right. Doesn't it look like some pagan séance gathering? The circle is to help guide the children during some of their songs. McKay especially liked beating those floor drums and when they got to hold a lit jar and walk as they sang.

Good local fun! The boys both enjoy singing their German songs although McKay's not used to having Easton soaking up the language too. He was really bugged this morning when Easton kept answering his requests with a "Ya!"

To follow up on the previous post, all we did was tell Easton briefly a couple times this weekend that kisses are special and to save them for when he's older. And he simply replied, "Okay." No big deal. Phew! I remember the chasing games when I was that age and how much fun it was.

We were at a playground yesterday and his friend and the little girl showed up. I watched them playing all sorts of creative tag games. No more kisses, just having good ol' fun! That is, until Easton tripped and his buddy tripped on him smashing Easton's nose into the hard floor which gave him a gushing bloody nose! Man can that kid wail! And just twenty minutes before that, Morgan had slipped and bit her lip real good, making it bleed a lot. Thank goodness for two other moms that jumped to my aid mopping up blood and getting me makeshift icepacks with napkins - both times!

At the playground, Easton's friend told me that sometimes Easton and their other friend call him names and it hurts his feelings. This little boy is very talkative to anyone that will lend an ear. During soccer season, he'd tried many times to tell me what games and drills I needed to run at soccer practice while I was trying to herd that little band of cats. I apologized about the name calling, said I would talk to Easton about it, and asked what names they were calling him. He said mostly it's "motormouth." That is Easton's favorite new name, from a Skippy John Jones book. Two weeks ago, he and I had giggled over the name and what it meant. I think Easton liked this name because it truly fit this friend of his! Like, "Hey, I know one of those!" Oh dear.

McKay, our little sponge! His favorite new phrase is, "Ugh! I gotta be kidding me!" Hmmm, wonder where he learned that! It's recently my go-to phrase like when I dropped the carton of eggs yesterday morning. "You gotta be kidding me!" I get such a kick out McKay's version though! Last night when he couldn't get his pajamas on right, I kept hearing him practice his new phrase. His favorite phrase in German is to say Go Away. Great.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed he said he needs to go to China. I asked why and he answered that it's where you learn really good karate. We recently watched the newer Karate Kid, the original one, and Karate Kid II with them on Netflix instant play. They loved it!

I remember my Uncle Tom took me to see Karate Kid in the theater while my parents were moving us into our 6913 West 4th Avenue house - I think I was about 7ish? He has always been such a great uncle! I'll never forget him also chauffeuring my friends and I to a school dance in his old limo with his tux t-shirt, handlebar mustache and chauffeur cap! It was totally awesome!

And Morgan. The girl is such a picky eater lately! I think she's currently living on peanuts, goldfish, bananas, string cheese, beans, yogurt and eggs. If she can carry it in a measuring cup, she's a happy girl! And she can slurp down Ryan's sodas like nobody's business! She's got Ryan wrapped around her little finger and knows it big time! He has such a hard time saying no to her lately - playing on the ipad, giving her gum, soda or whatever she begs for. Time to play hard ball!