Wednesday, November 17

More Wind Humor

Ya know, it's the one that keeps on giving. So back in September, Easton learned that when he asked his dad to roll down the window and "make wind" could have a funny alternative meaning, he stored that away.

The other day, Ryan was having the boys pick up the toy room and tried to motivate them with, "Fly like the wind!"

Easton's pout instantly changed to a giggle as he said, "You mean fly like a toot?!" So funny to see his sense of humor!

We've recently found Easton is showing his true self at school. Last year his fantastic teacher had to be gone for half of the year to care for her mother who passed away. With many strong personalities in his class and a string of subs, Easton was a model student and flew under the radar. Last week, Easton's teacher had to speak to me after school. Apparently she tells me he's Awakening!

He has two buddies who are also new to the school and the oldest of three children too. These two friends are very active and boisterous and now Easton's bringing his game to the table. His teachers really enjoy him and have to stifle laughs as they redirect his distracted energy when he stops working on a project and wrestles a buddy to the ground. His teachers and us are so happy to see him really settling in and to know what that looks like for him. He's such a good kid and doing really well in all his subjects, just has to know when to focus and when to play. We're so proud of him! Cute kid!