Wednesday, November 17

Halloween 2010

Halloween tradition dictates two things happen around our house:
  1. Ryan must use his drill with beaters attached to clear the inside of the pumpkins. Boys and their toys!
  2. Candy is our friend and all opportunities to obtain it will be taken advantage of.
Let's start with the pumpkins, shall we? Or as Morgan loves to say, "Pun-keens!"

Power tools and Morgan's trying to figure out what this is all about, but it's pretty cool!

At one point, all the boys had their tongues sticking out. You could have cut the collective creative tension with a knife! Very cute to observe! Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I forgot to charge the camera so these were from the phone.

And the finished product! The kids would not allow each other to pose by "their" pumpkin. Made our job easier! Morgan hollered for the rest of the night about the lit "punkeen!" Man, she's got pipes!

This year we attended our ward's Halloween party. They devoured each candy in the moment it was given and Easton even tried the Spook Alley put on by the youth by himself! He didn't make it through, but was brave enough to give it another try with dad. I was so surprised! I'm the resident pansy now. Our trick-or-treating on base the following evening didn't garner much candy, but the kids sure enjoyed being around their friends!

The boys were content with the same old costumes in our box but Easton didn't quite fit them anymore. Polyester sure can stretch, but it shouldn't have to go to such lengths as his growing body was requiring! Mr. Incredible was a good six inches too short for him this year so luckily he didn't mind the skeleton I found at the last minute.

I confess the costume part of this holiday gives me grief. It brings out the wanna-be crafty person in me who realizes this isn't her thing and really doesn't care. I love to see what my inventive friends come up with. I think my favorite was one of Brooks' high school friends who knitted a Princess Leah buns hat for her one year old! It was so adorable!

But Morgan made for a pretty happy kitty as she carried her little gray kitty everywhere she went!

And the three musketeers . . . again posing by their respective pumpkins without any staging. Love them!