Wednesday, November 17

Morgan Turned 2!

This little baby girl isn't so babyish anymore.

She celebrates each day with an "I do it!" and hardly ever sits still!

Things I love about my two year old Miss Jane are:
  • She wakes up each morning happy to see us!
  • Her vocabulary is starting to explode but the "Vut?!" reply to everything we say kills us! It sounds so German as does her occasional "Nien!"
  • She carts the bathroom step stools around the house like an extra appendage. They're great for opening doors and getting to things on shelves or counters. She recently mastered light switches without the step stool much to everyone's chagrin!
  • She loves her songs and requests them all the time. She knows how to manipulate the ipod to some extent and hollers with glee at each new song. If in the car, she's incessently calling for "Shi-shuhs!" = Scripture Scouts. But she only wants the songs, not the storytelling. Oh the joy that is for me, the constant reassuring that a song is coming.
  • She will allow me to braid her hair! She saw me do her cousin Lizzie's recently and marveled at it. Oh how I love having her hair out of her face!
  • She loves to eat nuts and is obsessed with gum. She has daddy wrapped around her finger in this regard. {Hmph.}
  • She loves to be the center of attention and as the pediatrician observed, she's got the vocal volume to make it happen if she's not.
  • Morgan does not appreciate being taken from her mom by strangers and is still pretty clingy when drop-offs to nursery or babysitters occur. She is getting less shy with strangers and prances around until they acknowledge her, especially if she says "Hi."
  • She has no fear of animals, no matter what their size. She runs up to our neighbor's doberman with squeals of delight and is known to haul her stool over to the tv to shower smootches on some cute animal on screen.
  • Morgan is often asserting her independence but is beginning to understand time outs and such rationale. {Heaven!} But sometimes she'll lean over with her little index finger in the air and roughly whisper, "Un mit" = one minute, to me when called! It's hard to be upset with that cute one!
  • Her favorite toys are anything musical or baby related. Her babydoll and stroller or dollhouse family's baby with baby furniture get the most action. Her baby gets lots of kisses and choke holds, rides in the baby buggy, naps when she's done with it, snuggles in a bed under the covers, and diapering and babywiping it so that it resembles a diaper baby pita sandwich. She kills us with her antics! The fastest way to walk with her to McKay's school is to let her take her baby in its stroller. WHY didn't I think of this sooner!!! It's a much more direct route now.
  • She whisper copies anyone saying a prayer and is an ardent supporter of our eeny-meenie-minie-moe prayer selection process.
We love our Miss Morgan Jane and that big grin of hers brings such joy to our family!