Friday, July 30

What Big Money Can Buy

McKay came home from the movies with dad and said, "I got a surprise for you. I bought it with my big money!" He had me put it on and I ooh'd and aaw'd over my new bling while the kids began to fight over wearing it themselves.

At the theater, apparently McKay wasted no time when he saw a forlorn quarter laying on the ground. Then he zipped right over to those kiddy vending machines. The ring wasn't what he hoped for, or at least not when Easton said, "It's a girl's ring." This coming from the kid who wears 4th of July and Memorial Day red, white or blue mardi gras beads each day unless McKay finds them first. Thank you Edelweiss Lodge for contributing to my chaos.

The ring was bestowed upon me for a whole five seconds, but it is clearly still McKay's ring. I love that he bought it with his "big money." I'm pretty sure he calls it that because quarters are the biggest coin - he hasn't yet learned about paper money.