Thursday, July 29

Ode to the Laundromat

I may have done this before but, Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways . . .

1. I love having all my laundry clean and folded in three hours time.

2. I love leaving the house by myself, driving by myself, and accomplishing a task from start to finish without interruption. On the occasions when I've had a serious lapse in judgement and thought I'd do it with the kids in tow, my sanity was always compromised. There was that one recent trip that had us out on the lawn learning to blow bubbles with bubblegum followed by playing in the big empty gym across the street. It ended in tears and screaming from a wee little tired gal with serious pipes. That was one of my A-game days for sure. Today, however, I was still a bit fragile so I went alone. [Fragile meaning I had a very busy week after a series of busy weeks that finally overwhelmed me and I cried "UNCLE" last night. Then Ryan saved me from myself as he's so apt to do and I love him for it!!!]

3. I love not knowing whether my trip to the laundromat will become a chance to read my book in humming solitude or a chat with complete strangers sort of evening. Doing laundry on post draws in all types of folks, but I must admit I enjoy this group much more than what I'd find in the States. You've got short-term contractors or military folk, new people to the area, regulars now and then, and the sporatic ones like myself. I've learned about local schools, places to visit, restaurants, helped a family choose a day trip and plan their route, and lots of different hobbies. Remember how when I first moved here and ladies would volunteer to hold newborn Morgan so I could fold clothes? Laundromats will forever hold a dear place in my heart for that reason alone. Tonight, however, was a reading night and I was glad for it.

Our washer doesn't like to do the rinse and spin cycle so much lately. We're getting a replacement soon but for the past few weeks I have been heading to the laundromat once or twice a week and have joked with many about it's triple threat fabulosity. One friend and I even thought of conspiring to go together. It almost felt like we were sneaking out like teenagers, not that our husbands would have minded us getting together. Ahhh, this is what my life has come to -- the rush of fleeing the house, taking my chores with me and paying money to do so! It probably wouldn't have worked because we'd have filled the entire place between all our loads. Ya don't want to upset the locals by taking all the machines, they're quite vocal when miffed.