Saturday, July 31

Arromanches-Port Winston, Normandy

We got a beautiful afternoon at the beach after our morning in Bayeux! At Arromanches, there's the remants of one of the manmade harbors used after D-Day which is called Port Winston. This beach was not a D-Day landing site, but the British and Canadians landed just north on Juno, Gold and Sword while the Americans landed just south on Omaha and Utah beaches. It's interesting to see the names of these places on a map with their French names obviously, but then the code names we know so well today from the Allies' invasion plan and operations.

The boys had been anticipating the beach all day and were so excited to get into the surf that they stripped naked there on the beach by the stroller with no qualms! I think hanging at the German community pools has had a hand in this or maybe not - who knows! No "textile free" zones on this beach that we observed, Phew!

The boys were happy and in the waves before I could even secure a spot on the beach. No matter, the tide had just begun to come in so we were moving back every 20 minutes or so as the tide crept in.

A piece of Port Winston . . . and then how Morgan felt being left behind.

Once we got her situated and she realized she was deathly afraid of that weird water sneaking up on her, she was one happy clam just digging away.

I'm glad I'd lathered the crew up with sunscreen before we left that morning. I hate the feel of sunscreen and sand on my hands, especially when I know my next job is to make sandwiches for the swimmers. I probably would have gotten in the water, but by the time my jobs were done I was ready to just sit back and let everyone play! I think I got five minutes of not being bossed around but it was worth it!

Ryan had to get in and remind the boys how to really enjoy the waves. They had a great time and the water was not very cold!

And Morgan dug . . .

and played lifeguard . . .

and dug some more until she was tuckered out!

So we called the boys in and decided to head to the 360 degree theater overlooking Port Winston after some ice cream cones. The movie was interesting and nice if you have the time, but not a must see. Then we took in the monuments and great views from the bluff of the old port remants looking southward. I was trying to catch good shots while hollering at the boys not to run for fear that someone would crash and burn. No crashes, just McKay's crushed ego since Easton got down the hill first. Arghhh . . . McKay still thinks he's faster than cars by the way.


Missed your nap, eh? Oops! Sorry to remind you.

Who me? I'm not tired!

Yup, not two minutes later!