Monday, June 14

Proud of my Easton!

End of the year school events and activities have recently descended upon us. Boy do they cram a lot into the last few weeks! I've enjoyed watching Easton participate with all his wiggles and remember how much I loved this stuff as a kid. There was the music concert and spirit week last week with the field day today and the kindergarten celebration this evening. Easton was adorable and greatly anticipated having us there for the events.

But I think I'm most proud lately of his participation in an experiment I've been trying. In my attempt to stave off contention over a toy, game, preferred seat, shower time or whatever - I've begun trying to sit the boys down and ask them to come to an agreement of how to precede, essentially who gets to or must go first. Easton has really shined! McKay has done pretty well here too, but Easton is usually quicker to concede in order to get the deliberation over with. Now, however, I'm excited to see him also starting to employ more negotiating skills with McKay. Easton often shows great selflessness and patience when playing with McKay and it makes me so proud of what a great kid we were blessed with!

I've recently been thinking of how I could wistfully be wishing for time to freeze us all in these moments forever, but then I'm overcome with excitement to see who he will become and am contented with time marching on!