Sunday, June 13

Cousins Weekend

It was my turn to watch cousins while their parentals went on a sweet escape to Berlin. Ryan wasn't able to join me so I was on my own. It proved to be a lot of fun and not as overwhelming as one might think with nine kids between the ages of 3 and 16. The older ones were very helpful and the younger ones played inventive, good guy/bad guy games pretty well together. Of course, it was a honeymoon of just two days, three nights so we were all still on our best behaviour.

To wear out the kiddos Saturday, I took the little ones to the park. The ground looked like it was moving because of hundreds of big black ants everywhere. YUCK! We didn't last long there because if you stood still, you'd have at least a dozen crawling up you in seconds. My kids screamed, the other Carters didn't even notice. I don't do ants. We left, but did get in a few happy moments like this one.

I took all those hot sweaty, stinky bodies and hosed them down at home. We all felt much better. Again, the timer on my watch proved crucial to giving everyone their allotment of time as hose holder!

I was grateful for my niece who made mac'n'cheese for the crew while I hosed them down. We fed 'em and then did naps. Now that's a great Saturday!

It's so great to have older kids around! Of course, they were probably more eager to help me out than they are for their mom because I was a novelty. Well, me and my ipod. The older ones cooked, they cleaned, they stayed up late chatting with me about deep stuff like it was fun, and they entertained the youngsters! It was awesome!

I really admire them too. They gave up their comfortable network of friends and activities to come give this German experience a try and are showing great courage in the face of daily challenges to their high gospel standards. Their German is coming along so much better than my feeble and inadequate attempts - they had to read the cooking instructions to me regularly. I'd have been lost without them!

My nephew orchestrated this game here which he called CTC: Capture the Cup. I'd come out to check on them and giggled to see them all decked out in bike helmets and armed. It was their own version of capture the flag and it was hilarious! My nephew ROCKS at creating games to play with the younger ones. He's also great at letting me tease him and I see fun potential here. I made him eat his dinner before having dessert and he made me come watch his dramatic final bites so I could cheer loud and proud for him. But he wasn't anticipating the big, fat slobbery kiss on the cheek I pinned on him! My little (now big) brother Matt used to love/hate those!

We sure are enjoying having these Carter cousins in Munich! Who'd a thunk we'd have family while here?! What fun!