Monday, May 3


Back to regularly scheduled programming. My parents are back home safe, nestled in their own beds. I want them back!!! My kitchen-cleaning-family-history-guru fairy and my kidnapping-park-going fairy - why can't they stay forever?! It's so much more fun to cook when the food is appreciated and I don't have to clean up! Almond crusted chicken, roast beef enchiladas . . . we ate well! Abby and Luke, you're lucky I haven't kept our parentals for myself! Where's an exploding volcano when you really need one?!

This morning I awoke determined to be happy about the work ahead. A week ago I was excited to return from our 11 day child-less travels and attack my life with renewed energy and purpose. That's right, I said ELEVEN child-less DAYS! As my sister-in-law puts it so well - I'm going to write the Pope to have HER sainted! How lucky us gals are to have each other, enabling us to travel without little ones!

One reason I was excited to return to my life was that spring has hit! I was excited to take a walk after dropping McKay at kindergarten. Once underway and breathing the fresh field air while listening to conference, I began feeling a bit selfish. I let Morgan out of her stroller a few times. I enjoyed her inquisitive, joyful meandering pace until I wasn't enjoying it anymore and off we'd go, stroller heavier with it's occupant sucking on her blanket.

In need of eggs and not being able to pass up the pretty strawberries, we stopped in at one of our town's stores. Morgan then proceeded to throw a tantrum and I let her out of the stroller for our little tour of the grocery. All was well until she decided to pick up the eggs in the stroller with one hand and I watched them all tumble out splattering nicely on the floor. Thanks Mom for teaching her to say, "Uh-Ohh!" I returned home with the strawberries and cream, but the eggs aren't much use in their current state.

I got home, answered some emails and researched Motherhood until I could stave off my chores no longer. The busy work let my thoughts swirl as I contemplated my talk this coming Sunday on Mother's Day. (Perhaps no topic or day could be more intimidating!) Morgan was down for a nap so I happily buzzed around the apartment.

Of course, when it came time to pick up McKay from school a complete downpour began. Of course. I have still neglected to follow the climate-appropriate advice given by my family's German exchange student from Stuttgart - a heavy coat wasn't needed, just rain boots. My rain coat was in the van. With Ryan at work. Grrr. So I headed out with the umbrella, grabbing an extra one for McKay. I smiled just thinking of how excited he'd be to carry it home remembering his complete meltdown on the way to a kindergarten event last spring when I didn't let him carry his own umbrella. He sat down in a puddle to have that tantrum. We didn't make it to the event. I surrendered and had carted us home.

What is it about being able to hold your own umbrella in a downpour that brings a smile? McKay had a happy grin on his face the entire trek home! It was so cute. I was bent over his small bike with my own umbrella and as I'd look back ready to ask him to walk a little faster I paused. He was just too darn cute, so happy to be carrying his own umbrella. I didn't feel I had the right to rain on his parade by demanding he catch up. He positively squealed with delight when all of a sudden the rain came down harder!

Here's the three talks I'm basing my remarks from - the two from Sister Beck are personal favorites of mine, but the one from Elder Nelson is a true treasure I found today and am excited to study and share. Go Moms!